Update on Maupin, Oregon Quakes


Robert Somerville noticed my interest in earthquakes in Maupin, Oregon and did some other inquiries and found that others have a peaked interest in the area, too.
Earthscope, with the help of the government and universities, has installed an array of instruments across the west

…a continental-scale seismic observatory designed to provide a foundation for integrated studies of continental lithosphere and deep Earth structure over a wide range of scales. USArray will provide new insight and new data to address fundamental questions in earthquake physics, volcanic processes, core-mantle interactions, active deformation and tectonics, continental structure and evolution, geodynamics, and crustal fluids (magmatic, hydrothermal, and meteoric).

Earthscope tells Somerville

This array gives us a lower threshold of quake detection then we previously had, which means it is quite possible these type of earthquakes have been occurring for quite some time right under our noses.

We are definitely watching this area with much interest and once we learn more we will post it to our site.

Earthscope’s site has a wonderful map of the array with a menu of each year since 2004 showing how the array has grown. I have subscribed to their newsletter. They intend to shed more light on the mystery. Is Maupin more active or just better detection?

Maupin, Oregon Earthscope Mover Mike

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