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Dennis Richardson speaks about the Healthy Kids Plan

Oregon House Republicans have come out against the increased cigarette tax to start a Healthy Kids Plan as it is currently written. The video below outlines four flaws, three of which to me seem to have considerable merit. The fourth flaw either is badly explained or the Republicans aren’t focused on the real problem, that of relying on an unhealthy activity to secure health for our kids. As I posted before here, it puts us in a position of rooting for smokers to continue their habit.

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Jennifer Aniston, I did the work for you!

Isn’t this interesting!

Times per day that blogs tag Jennifer Aniston. Maybe we’ll see the trend reverse.

Jennifer Aniston has sued to keep her breasts from being seen by the public. If you Google “Jennifer Aniston” there are 1,310,000 entries, and they are spelling her name right.
I have labored to find for you the topless photo of our Miss Jen so you won’t have to. After all Vince Vaughn got to see them and so should we. They look pretty good and real and she is 40!. It doesn’t appear that she has an all-over tan. I still think Brad made a BIG mistake!

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American Idol – Feb. 20th

I don’t consider myself any kind of expert on male singers. I very rarely buy their CDs. So watching 12 males perform on AI is tough for me.

I think Stevie Wonder has to be the toughest guy to sing so I gave props to Sanjaya. The judges thought the performance sucked, but I enjoyed it. There were two Chrises. I heard the curly haired one sing. Ralph the dog had to go outside for the other Chris. I liked the one I heard. Besides those two, I liked Brandon, Paul, Nick, Blake. A.J., Phil and Jared. The judges gave Sundance a hard time, as it seemed they did to all twelve. Phil was the last one to sing and got kudos from Randy as the best of the night, but he looks like he’s going through chemo.

I don’t think it should be legal for a white guy to shave his head. No matter how close he shaves, his head still looks like a limb that’s been in a cast for six months. And you can see all the brown spots, the weird little bumps, and the stubble lying just below the skin. Face it, black guys look good with shaved heads. It shines. It’s sleek! Their heads look good with beads of sweat. I expect a black man with a shaved head to be good at sports, good with women and able to sing Stevie Wonder.

American Idol Mover Mike

6.7 in Indonesia

MAP 6.7 2007/02/20 08:04:28 -1.059 127.066 31.3 KEPULAUAN OBI, INDONESIA

Panicked residents fled shaking buildings on islands in the Maluku Sea and the powerful earthquake briefly triggered a tsunami warning.


USGS has changed the magnitude from 6.5 to 6.7.

Oswego, NY Snow

An amazing picture of the snow in Oswego, NY.

Oswego, NY
Mover Mike


Jon Vermilye writes that the photo is not from Oswego, NY. As proof he offers this link to other pictures of Labrador’s big snow. http://www.thedieselgypsy.com/Labrador%20Snow.htm.

He does have some photos of Oswego’s storm at http://lakeshoreimages.com/snowstorm.html

Implications of the TIC Report

Just before the three day weekend, out came the TIC Report. It’s the report from the U.S. Treasury about international capital flows.

Net Foreign Acquisition of Long-Term Securities

2004 2005 2006 Sept. ’06 Oct. ’06 Nov. ’06 Dec. ’06
$724.8 B $699.1 B $730.4 B $65.7 B $83.1 B $52.2 B $2.5 B

See that last month of $2.5 Billion. That’s the net inflow of capital. We use that inflow to finance our trade deficit. The last four months have looked like this:

September (R) -64,350
October (R) -58,895
November (R) -58,115
December -61,183

We more than covered the Trade deficit in Sept. and Oct., but fell slightly short in Nov. and really missed the boat in Dec. 2006. The WSJ says, …foreign investors, too, may be starting to lose their appetite for U.S. securities.

Steve Roach of Morgan Stanley in TIC Tock wrote:

Talk of portfolio diversification intensified, ultimately culminating in China’s recent announcement that it would allocate around $200 billion of its more than $1 trillion in reserves toward the start-up of a Singapore-GIC-style multi-asset fund. With most reserve managers having massive overweights in dollar-denominated assets, such diversification strategies can only complicate America’s external financing needs.

Meanwhile Gold is now $671.20. John Mauldin says Gold is rising against all currrencies.

TIC Report Trade Deficit Steve Roach John Mauldin Mover Mike


Guard the Borders Blogburst

The Border Patrol Case: Who’s Pulling The Strings?

By Heidi Thiess of Euphoric Reality


That’s who.

Yes, you read that right. The latest information has uncovered the undue political pressure that Mexico put on our government, and how the White House easily caved. They didn’t even ask questions it seems. Here’s what happened:

6.0 In Japan

MAP 6.0 2007/02/17 00:02:58 41.907 143.454 35.0 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION


Base Metal Prices and Their Signals

Back in September of 2006, I asked

…what would inflation look like, if the pause from May to September in Copper, Aluminum, Lead and Zinc, was a prelude to following Nickel higher?

From Yahoo today, Base metals pause but nickel in spotlight

The metals has risen by around 15 percent this year and by more than 60 percent since January 2006 on jitters about scarce supplies and strong demand from stainless steel mills. Around two-thirds of nickel output is used for stainless steel.

  1. Tin was higher at $13,250/13,350 a tonne from $13,000 on Thursday, when it hit a new record high of $13,200.
  2. Aluminium slipped to $2,797/2,802 a tonne from $2,815 on Thursday, but is challenging the highs set in May, 2006.
  3. Copper was steady at $5,840/5,855 a tonne after hitting a five-week high of $5,935 on Thursday. Copper is still a long way from its highs.
  4. Zinc slid to $3,390/3,405 a tonne from $3,430 on Thursday and lead was little changed at $1,755/1,765 from $1,750. Zinc found support at last years lows near $2,800 a tonne.

IMO, the inflation numbers will get worse, looking at the base metals and factoring in the pressure on grain prices from the use of corn for ethanol. In addition, gasoline prices are expected to be back at $3.00 per gallon come May.

Copper Aluminum Lead Zinc Base Metals Corn Ethanol Mover Mike

Inside the Pantry

From somewhere, the better-half found two color pictures of Queen Elizabeth, a little red-eyed, and Prince Charles, looking down his nose.

She taped the pictures, one on each door, to the inside of the pantry. I see them every morning when I get the coffee beans and the grinder for the morning coffee. This morning I was struck by the items in the pantry and the haughty look on Prince Charles’ face. I took one of the 3 by 5 cards that we keep on the ‘fridge and wrote:

You put that in your mouth? What kind of people are you?

Then I taped it under the picture. I opened the other door and Queen Liz, with her red eyes, seemed to say,

Stewed Tomatos!? I love things that are stewed. In fact, I’m stewed!

So I wrote that on a card and taped it below the picture. Now I’m waiting to see how long it takes my wife to notice.

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