State of Oregon Geology

The Bulletin in Bend, Oregon has an article titled Small quakes shake near Maupin area
Causes of series of small tremors remain a mystery to researchers by Kate Ramsayer.

Maupin is experiencing a swarm of earthquakes as you know from reading posts on this blog. Ramsayer has several theories for the activity from greater numbers of monitors,

…to the area, which is “full of all sorts of junk that’s been shed off of the Cascades, …like lava flows and gravel and ash layers. But there are very few faults in the Maupin area.

An additional reason could be general movement in the entire state. Geologists believe that the state is rotating clockwise around the Wallowa Mountains. They also see the Klamath area going through streching from east and west and they see Oregon and Washington moving north against Canada with Washington caught in between or not moving as fast as Oregon. We also have faults between Bend and Sisters resulting in the Cascades moving south and the Central Oregon moving north. The state is very dynamic and it is fun to speculate about the changes, but any real changes that can be seen may take thousands of years.

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