American Idol – March 27th

Ok, you’ve been waiting for my take on Americam Idol, so check it out.

Lakisha Jones sang Last Dance – She sang it just like the original and that’s the problem; she is a great imitator!

Chris Sligh sang Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – it was so memorable, I can’t remember much about it.

Gina Glocksen sang I’ll Stand By You – Wonderful song and she is growing on me

Haley Scarnato sang True Colors

– such a wonderful package, but she sounds like she has never had a Big O. I have heard the same kind of singing at a Miss America pageant!

Phil Stacey sang Every Breath You Take – I actually liked “Cancer Man” this week. I think it was the hat. I loved the song. It was perfect for him.

Melinda Doolittle sang Heaven Knows – Melinda is a consumate professional and I am never disappointed when she sings.

Blake Lewis sang Lovesong – One of two guys that is actually pretty good. Did you notice his hair? It looked much better than past weeks. The singing was a little bit boring.

Jordin Sparks sang Hey Baby – I liked her song last week better than this one, but she keeps growing and she is fun to watch and what a big ol’ smile.

Chris Richardson sang Don’t Speak – another beautiful song and the other guy that can actually sing.

Sanjaya Malakar sang Bath Water – with a big old mohawk made with seven ponytails. He is so bad. He acts scared and forgets words. Please, not the top nine for Sanjaya.

What I’ve missed so far is that performance that just brings the hair up on your arms. A song that soars and demands that you download it. Last season there were several songs by McTata and who could forget Kelly Clarkson? Still waiting!

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