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Swarm Continues In Maupin

MAP 1.4 2007/03/27 07:08:42 45.135 -120.956 8.0 11 km ( 7 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

MAP 2.0 2007/03/26 06:36:28 45.118 -120.928 15.8 14 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

2.7 Near Klamath Falls

MAP 2.7 2007/03/25 23:16:18 42.244 -121.941 7.1 14 km ( 8 mi) W of Klamath Falls, OR

Movie Review: “Hidden Secrets”

Actor Carey Scott turns director in Hidden Secrets.

Scott’s Filmography:
2006 Hidden Secrets Director
2003 Bruce Almighty Actor: Partying Sports Guy
1990 Diving in Actor: Ryes Wallstein
1987 Distortions Actor: Male Hustler
1987 Not Quite Human Actor: Paul Fairgate
1984 Making the Grade Actor: Rand

Scott has directed a Christian movie rated PG, starring John Schneider, David A.R. White, Tracy Melchior and Reginald Vel Johnson. When I think of “Christian” movie, I picture a film that is sacharine, not realistic in today’s sex drenched, violent and profane culture. Maybe not dealing in adult reality. Hidden Secrets is PG to be sure, but deals with real adult situations: forgiveness and the impact of past secrets on life today in an overtall Christian way.

In this film we have Dukes of Hazard star Schneider as a man seeking answers, an agnostic, but well versed in the Old Testament. We have a woman who is Christian on the outside, but a hypocrite. We have a Tracy Melchior, the recent widow with a terrible secret who feels unworthy and we have David A.R. White who has lost his ability to trust.

Hidden secrets can be funny and poignant and deals with many hot-button issues like homosexuality, celibancy, pre-marital sex and forgiveness.

I enjoyed the movie and gave it a seven out of 10. I graded it down for the way it treated homosexuality as a moral issue, treating it almost as one would treat an addiction to alcohol, by faith and celebancy. . I know that many think it is immoral. I would guess that is the prevailing view among many evangelicals. I consider myself a Christian who wears the cloak lightly. I am not one to ask if you have made Jesus your personal savior. I count several men among my friends who are gay and believe as I do that it was not a lifestyle choice, but biological; they were born that way.

I would recommend seeing the movie for anyone able to understand the concepts.

The DVD Hidden Secrets was brought to my attention by Active Christian Media, formerly known as Mind & Media, and founded by Stacy L. Harp. ACM was created with the purpose to help publishers, authors and others in media, use the blogosphere to promote their books and other products. The name change happened in March 2006, in order to incorporate Stacy’s passion for activism and media. At my request I was sent the DVD from Pure Flix Entertainment to review. The movie will hit theaters April 30th. For the trailer see www.hiddensecrets-themovie.com

Hidden Secrets Carey Scott Christain Mover Mike


Dang! Ducks Lose 85 to 77.

Ducks fail to get offensive boards and Porter misses over eight threes and they come up short. High praise to Kent and his team for making the elite eight. Here’s hoping they take it all the way next year.

Restaurant Review: The Gilt Club

Six of us dined at Gilt Club tonight after reading rave reviews. AOL Cityguide describes the interior:

Slips of light sneak through the edges of the gold drapes covering the windows of this chic restaurant and bar. Vibrant red and gold walls surround high-backed booths and banquettes, while two modern chandeliers overhead add to the space’s sleek, sexy effect. An intimate, long curvy bar off to one side invites sipping and gazing.

I came for the food not the service. The service was excellent!

We sat down to menus at each seat at a booth a little too tight for six. The first thing I noticed was the restaurant offered as a first course, Country Pate’ with winter greens, rye toast and a warm fig dressing. I was telling my wife just the other day that I was in the mood for pate’, but I hadn’t seen it on any menu lately. We ordered a serving with our wine (I don’t drink). I was disappointed. It was creamy and cold and had a strong liver taste. The country pate’ I have tasted is crumbly yet spreadable and has pistachios.

Main plates on the menu included Grilled Kobe Bavetta, Sage Grilled Duck, Seared Sea Scallops, Beef Short Ribs, Pan seared Cod, Ox Tail Ragu, and Yukon Potatoes and Ricotta Gnocchi. Five of us ordered the Kobe Bavatta, one med-well and four medium, and one order of scallops. We started with a Caeser Salad which was good. After we finished the salads, the main course was brought in.

The beef was prepared with a demi glace topped with shallot butter, fries and a roasted garlic aioli. The aioli was served in a little metal cup, like some restaurants use for horseradish with prime rib. It had the color and consistency of mayonaise. Not knowing what it was, I tasted it and it did not have a garlic taste, but kind of an old aftertaste. Apparently it was to be used on the fries. My beef was sliced and hidden under the fries which took up three quarters of the plate. My medium beef was rare and red and cold. The fries were good and hotter than the meat. My wife ordered med-well and it was much better. There was no vegatable served on the plate and no bread was offered.

For dessert we ordered three the lemon- lime creme broulee and coffee. The coffee was Caffe Umbre’ amd delicious; dark and great flavor. The Creme Broulee had a slightly lemony tartness, but lost that flavor in the succeeding bites.

Gilt Club is a passport restaurant and so we saved $48 off the tab and with the $50 tip came to $267, including three bottles of wine brought from home and three Becks. So $89 per couple, not outrageous, but for the quality of the food pretty pricy. Did I mention the service was excellent?

The Gilt Club Restaurant Review Fine Dining Portland, Oregon Mover Mike

Three Major Quakes

UPDATE: BBC pictures of damage in Japan:

MAP 6.0 2007/03/25 01:08:20 -20.795 169.404 35.0 VANUATU

MAP 6.7 2007/03/25 00:41:57 37.275 136.603 5.0 NEAR THE WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

MAP 7.2 2007/03/25 00:40:03 -20.597 169.413 35.0 VANUATU

In the Noto peninsula, which juts into the Sea of Japan

images from observation cameras showed buildings swaying violently for as long as 30 seconds. TV stations aired pictures of crushed temples, homes with toppled furniture, and goods scattered across grocery store floors.One death was reported, a 52-year-old woman killed when she was hit by a falling stone lantern.


The Ace Hotel

The NYT today features must-see destinations for the world traveler. One of those destinations is Portland, Oregon and The Ace Hotel.

At the country’s most original new hotel, God is in the details.

Dwight Eschliman

For Alex Calderwood, Wade Weigel, Doug Herrick and Jack Barron — whose 79-room Ace Hotel opened in Portland, Ore., last month — good design is about tapping into a city’s lifeblood. “We want guests to wake up in their rooms and feel immediately that they’re in Portland and couldn’t be anywhere else,” Calderwood says.

The Ace was formerly the Clyde Hotel, built in 1912 and illustrated in this 1940s postcard:

The Ace Hotel while it was The Clyde, was used as the seedy hotel in Gus Van Sant’s film “Drugstore Cowboy” where a recovering drug addict lived, played by Matt Dillion. (His room is now No. 428.)

Ace Hotel Portland, Oregon Travel Mover Mike

2.3 Near Maupin

Maupin continues to twitter:

MAP 2.3 2007/03/24 03:13:21 45.125 -120.949 14.4 12 km ( 7 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

Go Ducks!

Yes, I am a Beaver, but I want the Ducks to go all the way. Right now I have picked four of the final eight and have a chance to go 7 for 8! Go Ducks!


I have picked 7 of the final eight. I missed on Washington State getting to the final eight.

German Judge and Islam

From the NYT,

A German judge has stirred a storm of protest by citing the Koran in turning down a German Muslim woman’s request for a speedy divorce on the ground that her husband beat her….the judge, Christa Datz-Winter, noted that the couple came from a Moroccan cultural milieu, in which it is common for husbands to beat their wives. The Koran, she wrote in her decision, sanctions such physical abuse.

I know , I know the Judge should have followed German law and granted a speedy divorce to the Muslim woman. In a way, I think she got justice.

Belgian woman in burka

We know that fundamentalist Muslims do not allow women the same way rights as western society. If you are a practicing Muslim living in Germany, France or America, why not be subject to its rules? A woman can’t drive in Saudi Arabia, but she can come here and drive her SUV to take her kids to school while wearing an obaya and. Some Muslim women in a number of countries want to be able to get a driver’s license while wearing a veil and obaya!

Why call yourself a Muslim and not follow its rule? I’m not just picking on Islam. Why call yourself a Catholic if you don’t like the faith’s views on birth control and abortion?

I say to the Judge AND the Muslims, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

German judge Islam Koran Mover Mike

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