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map 1.0 2007/04/30 07:59:04 45.143N 120.906W 13.6 14 km ( 9 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

The Beat Goes On!

map 1.7 2007/04/29 01:59:20 45.115N 120.928W 8.0 14 km ( 9 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

Bandon Quakes

Two Quakes off the coast from Bandon, Oregon:

MAP 4.8 2007/04/29 00:49:06 43.484 -126.899 5.0 205 km (128 mi) WNW of Bandon, OR

MAP 3.9 2007/04/26 13:30:51 43.309 -127.049 10.0 215 km (133 mi) W of Bandon, OR

My friend Michael Hall writes

Great, another. I am getting paranoid about going to the beach. Would a 7.0 at the same place as the last two cause a tsunami?

I was in Neskowin in March and thought how vulnerable everything is and at high tide, the ocean came all the way to the foot of the recently installed rip-rap.

Portland, Oregon Earthquake!

map 1.4 2007/04/27 20:31:21 45.516N 122.628W 19.6 1 km ( 1 mi) SE of Portland, OR

The epicenter looks like 6 blocks south of Laurelhurst Park on 35th.

A Falling U.S. Dollar

James Turk writes that the Dollar is in freefall and uses this chart as evidence:

I don’t know if you can have a head-and-shoulders formation that spans 14 or 15 years, but breaking 80 would sure be ominous. Meanwhile gold and silver in terms of the USD look like “up” is a long ways away.

USD James Turk Mover Mike

A New Prostate Test

While we are on the subject of prostate cancer, WaPo has a story about advancements in detection of protate cancer:
New Prostate Cancer Test May Detect More Tumors

An experimental blood test for prostate cancer may help eliminate tens of thousands of unnecessary biopsies at the same time that it detects many tumors that are now missed by the test commonly used, its developers said yesterday.

PSA, the current test, measures a protein normally produced by the prostate, while the experimental one, called EPCA-2, detects a chemical made principally in cancerous tissue.

A friend of mine undergoes a biopsy of his prostate every six to 12 months because his PSA is high. This test conceivably could do away with this painful procedure.

Prostate EPCA-2
Mover Mike


Oregon Active Today


map 2.4 2007/04/29 00:22:00 45.116N 120.936W 20.1 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 1.6 2007/04/27 03:51:21 45.119N 120.939W 12.1 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 2.6 2007/04/26 12:59:58 45.100N 122.506W 6.7 8 km ( 5 mi) SE of Molalla, OR

map 1.5 2007/04/26 12:05:20 45.110N 120.947W 8.1 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

Prostate Cancer Calls

Once I turned 50, my doctor and I talked about my prostate and how best to monitor my health. We both decided that the digital exam was best and decided not to have the PSA test. The consequences of a high PSA number almost requires a biopsy and treatment if the biopsy reveals abnormalities. Then when I turned 62 we decided to have a PSA test. My first test was in June of 2006 and I tested a 5.2. That is on the higher end and the doctor suggested a biopsy. I decided that we had no baseline, that I would prefer to be tested in six months. I recognized that if the PSA was signaling a rapidly growing cancer, I could be in serious trouble in six months, but I decided to take the chance.

I recently had the second PSA test and it came back as a 6.2. No arguments from me. When can we schedule the biopsy? Last Wednesday I went for the procedure. The doc took 10 samples and today we discussed the results. Two of the ten came back as 3-3. I have Prostate Cancer.

The BIG C. Chevrolet Cranberries, Chocolate Chowder, Carborundum Chanticleer, Carpathian Corruption, Chinese Chop Suey, Capitalistic Carnivale, Commission Charlie! The “C” is just a letter, but one that brings dread. I’m okay so far, however my wife and I will have to decide on the correct treatment over the next 30 days. The choices are: monitor and do nothing for six months or a year, then another biopsy; radiation, either external or with implanted radioactive seeds or remove the prostate entirely. All have risks of incontinence and loss of sexual function and a variety of side effects.

Prostate cancer is becoming common in men my age. What has been your experience and what was your decision? Lastly, how are you doing today?

Prostate Cancer PSA Prostate Biopsy Mover Mike

6.3 in Vanuatu

MAP 6.3 2007/04/25 13:34:16 -14.287 166.819 69.3 VANUATU

Three Oregon Quakes

map 1.6 2007/04/24 14:52:23 45.004N 122.691W 19.2 5 km ( 3 mi) SSW of Scotts Mills, OR

map 1.3 2007/04/24 06:28:31 45.115N 120.934W 12.8 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 1.1 2007/04/24 00:59:48 45.124N 120.928W 15.0 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

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