Bandon Quakes

Two Quakes off the coast from Bandon, Oregon:

MAP 4.8 2007/04/29 00:49:06 43.484 -126.899 5.0 205 km (128 mi) WNW of Bandon, OR

MAP 3.9 2007/04/26 13:30:51 43.309 -127.049 10.0 215 km (133 mi) W of Bandon, OR

My friend Michael Hall writes

Great, another. I am getting paranoid about going to the beach. Would a 7.0 at the same place as the last two cause a tsunami?

I was in Neskowin in March and thought how vulnerable everything is and at high tide, the ocean came all the way to the foot of the recently installed rip-rap.

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