Spring Reading

What has Mover Mike been reading this past two months?

Napoleon’s Pyramids by William Dietrich

Ethan Gage, assistant to Ben Franklin and expatriate American in post-revolutionary France, wins an ancient-and possibly cursed-medallion, covered in seemingly indecipherable symbols, may be linked to a Masonic mystery.

Gage is forced to accompany Napoleon to conquer Egypt and the medallion may have the answer to the question, Who built the pyramids?

The book reads like an “Indiana Jones” adventure and exposes the reader to French history in 1798, Napoleon and the invasion of egypt and tactics.

Almost everything we know about ancient Egypt has been learned since Napoleon’s invasion.

We learn about the pyramids architecture, its base and precise geographic placement, and mathematical precision based on Phi, The Golden Ratio. Dietrich has written a fine tale that keeps you up at night reading.

The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry
The Alexandria library was reputed to hold all of the knowledge-historical, philosophical, literary, scientific, and religious-of the world and then it was destroyed by fire. Was all the information lost to history or was it rescued and does some piece exist that could shake the foundations of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian world?

The story is based on the book The Bible Came from Arabia, that claims the Jewish homeland is not carved out of Palestine, but existed further south in the land occupied by Mecca. Berry offers up a whirl wind of a tale that in the end asks, “What if it’s true?”

Simple Genius by David Baldacci
Here’s a tale about an ex-CIA agent, Sean King, his partner, Michelle, fighting for her life over some tragedy when she was six, and an autistic girl genius pitted against two puzzle factories searching for a mathematical concept that could change the world of encryption. Baldacci is always a writer that’s good for a weekend in the sun or one in which you shutter yourself away from the cold and rain.

The material acquaints you with quantum computers and the Beale Cipher

The Beale Cipher is one of those oxymoronic phenomena-a famous sectret. It concerns an enormously complicated code, three pages worth of numbers, and an alleged treasure worth tens of millions of dollars that was supposedly hidden by Mr. Thomas Jefferson Beale in the early 1800s.

Napoleon’s Pyramids William Dietrich The Alexandria Link Steve Berry Simple Genius David Baldacci The Bible Came from Arabia Beale Cipher Mover Mike

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