Storm Large: New Album June 1st

Here we are how many months since we were introduced nationally to Storm Large? I was checking my traffic to this blog yesterday and I’m still getting searches for “Storm Large”. What is happening with her I wondered? Well you’ll be rocked to hear that her new albun “Ladylike, Side One” releases June 1st. Here’s the album cover:

Yesterday Storm commented on her blog about the photo suggesting she will get some heat for exposing herself. Here’s what she says:

Yes , I get called hot , I get called beautiful , sexy … all that …and you know what ? I love it . Why ? Because that’s ALL I EVER wanted to be . It is all I prayed for when I was a fat , punk rock , lonely lonely young girl in a small town .


However , when it comes to my album cover … I took a LOT of lumps to make it happen . I’m sure I’ll take more lumps when it comes out ..and all things being equal here : Why not show my lumps ? Not the fergilicious ” Humps”… but hard earned, ugly ass lumps . I won’t moan and whine about it or drag around a chain of sorrow and difficulty for all to marvel at my ability to overcome …stare at my feet on stage and act miserable . That’s not me either . I have come a long way to get to the point where I am pretty joyful about who and what I am .

I was one of those in Portland, Oregon who had never heard of Storm until that show and was taken by her ability to make us believe she was letting everything go. Almost turning herself inside out to show us a living breathing woman who has lived and loves life.

I hope Storm’s album nears the pleasure I got watching her perform on TV. If so she will have a hit album. I can’t wait until June 1st!

Storm Large Portland, Oregon Mover Mike

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