Kamchatka Volcano Spews Ash

Koriakskaya Sopka Volcano, Kamchatka

This volcano, seen here from the slopes of Avachinskaya Sopka, lies just a short way north-west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii. It is 3456m high. Volcanoes dotted over the landscape of rolling plains, covered in sparse forests, hills and rivers make up the typical Kamchatkan landscape. Many of the volcanoes reach up to and over 4000m and are glaciated. Kamchatka boasts the world’s most exciting and rich areas of volcanic activity.

Experts monitoring Russia’s massive Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano said Monday it was spewing ash more than four miles into the sky.

In addition to the huge ash column, volcanic station head Yuri Demyanchuk said the volcano launched volcanic dust nearly 5.6 miles into the air Sunday

The Kamchatka Peninsula is found on the west side of the Pacific Ocean from the US between the 50 degree and 60 degree latitude. Would ash find its way to the Pacific Northwest?

Koriakskaya Sopka

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