Oregon’s Most Influential Political blogs

Wow! BlogNetNews.com has just released some new software that ranks Oregon’s Most Influential Political blogs.

The rankings come from data provided in your RSS feeds, data from the activity of readers on BlogNetNews.com and data about Internet traffic from third parties.

I checked the top 20 list hoping to see that Mover Mike was on the list, only to see my blog was 2nd. Second to Loaded Orygun in first and above Middle Earth Journal (who called Peggy Noonan a political hack. We disagreed.) I was shocked to see that Jack Bog’s Blog was not in the top 20. I check Jack’s blog several times a day and encouraged him, recently, to keep writing. If he quit posting, the city of Portland would be the worse for it.

Each Sunday morning at 12:01 AM, BNN will release a new top 20 list of the blogs most powerfully shaping opinion in the Oregon blogosphere. Every week, you can find the list here: http://www.blognetnews.com/Oregon/influence-index.php

I am honored to be on the list. I have many fine competitors.



3 Responses to “Oregon’s Most Influential Political blogs”

  1. Congrats!!! I think it is well deserved. I think blogs following local political affairs are often more important than blogs following national affairs.

  2. Congrats Mike, from another top 20 blog! Keep at it!

    TJ, LoadedO

  3. Yes congrats to all of us Mike. I enjoy our little spats.

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