The list: Journalists who wrote political checks

So 144 journalists by a 9-1 margin gave money to Democrats over Republicans. One journalist The New Yorker’s, George Packer,

the prize-winning war correspondent for the magazine since 2003 and author of the 2005 book “The Assassins’ Gate: America in Iraq,” gave $750 to the Democratic National Committee in August 2004, and $250 in July 2005 to Iraq War veteran Paul Hackett, a Democrat who campaigned against the war and for a seat in Congress in Ohio.”Journalists don’t give up their rights as citizens. They can and should vote; they can and should support candidates,” Packer said in an e-mail.

“My readers know my views on politics and politicians because I make no secret of them in my comments for The New Yorker and elsewhere. If giving money to a politician prejudiced my ability to think and write honestly, I wouldn’t do it. Fortunately, it doesn’t.”

Some news organizations have policies prohibiting political contributions, some don’t. Some contributors seem embarrassed that their political views came out. Some swear they are doing jobs that aren’t political so it’s ok. I have a hunch many agree with Packer’s comments, just because I’m a journalist, doesn’t mean I gave up my rights as a citizen.

My problem with this attitude and the other that says, I’m a jounalist, you can count on my fairness, is that both are wrong! The first because if you contribute to one side you now have an interest in the outcome going your way and you won’t even recognize how you will influence the outcome in your favor.

As for the second, we all selectively pick out information that supports our view. There’s the example of buyer justification. You buy a Chevrolet. When you get into the seat and drive away, you automatically wonder, “Did I make the right decision?” As you drive your baby home, you pick out all the other Chevies on the road that are like your car. “Why, they’re everywhere! All those people must not be wrong.”

Instead of a journalist trying to appear neutral, I want the him/her to tell me upfront, “I’m a Democrat, I’m a Republican, I’m a Libertarian.” I gave to the Kerry campaign. I support PETA. I support! Then let me judge your news and opinions in that light. Enough with the MSM critisizing FOX for the conservative network. They are all biased.

Note: the writer of Mover Mike is a registered Republican, voted twice for Bush and supported Swift Boat Veterans. Believes human caused global warming is arrogant thinking, is anti-ethanol, and anti-abortion, but pro-adoption. Pro hetero-sexuality. Believes both parties want bigger government so leans libertarian. Supports Ron Paul!

Favors boxers over tighty whities. Judge me accordingly.


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