Media Covered Up Full Haditha Battle

What do we know from the MSM about “The Haditha Massacre”?

From Wikipedia,

The Haditha killings (also called the Haditha massacre) refers to the incident where up to 24 Iraqi noncombatant civilians were allegedly massacred by the United States Marines on November 19, 2005 in Haditha, a city in the western Iraqi province of Al Anbar. Some allege the killings were retribution for the attack on a convoy of United States Marines with an improvised explosive device which killed Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas.

On that, the MSM agrees:


Witnesses to the slaying of 24 Iraqi civilians by U.S. Marines in the western town of Haditha say the Americans shot men, women and children at close range in retaliation for the death of a Marine lance corporal in a roadside bombing.

In The Shame of Haditha, Time wrote:

…one morning last November, some members of Kilo Company apparently didn’t attempt to distinguish between enemies and innocents. Instead, they seem to have gone on the worst rampage by U.S. service members in the Iraq war, killing as many as 24 civilians in cold blood. The details of what happened in Haditha were first disclosed in March by Time’s Tim McGirk and Aparisim Ghosh, and their reporting prompted the military to launch an inquiry into the civilian deaths. The darkest suspicions about the killings were confirmed last week…

The Nation:

Enough details have emerged from survivors and military personnel to conclude that in the town of Haditha last November, members of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment perpetrated a massacre.

US Representative John Murtha (D-PA)

is calling the November 19 incident in Haditha “murder”. He claims there is a “cover up.” Over 40 news stories appeared Memorial Day weekend calling Haditha, “an atrocity” or “a massacre.” Murtha says, Haditha “is worse than abu-Ghraib.”

Phil Brennan, on June 18th, 2007 reports that the MSM refuses to tell you that:

* The initial attack took place at 7:30 a.m. and the insurgent assault went on for some time. A Scan Eagle UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) came on station at about 8:30 a.m. At the time it came on station, it spent a short time on the scene of the IED, then it picked up insurgents fleeing the houses and moving east through the neighborhoods adjacent to the houses. Although the prosecution has made much of the fact that the UAV did not see the initial assault, it is the aftermath that makes the case.

* The insurgents were seen fleeing from Sgt. Frank Wuterich’s assault on the houses near the site of the IED explosions. They were followed through town, where they met up with other ambush squads that had also attacked the Marines. They were then followed to their safe house. Air support was called for, and the safehouse was bombed. A squad that was sent in was engaged by insurgents in rooms with machine guns and grenades.

* The squad pulled back because of the insurgents’ strong defense, and the house was bombed again. The insurgents were observed fleeing and jumping off the roof of the house into a palm grove, where they were once again bombed. One remaining live insurgent was watched as he went from house to house seeking shelter.

All of this action was captured by the remotely controlled UAV.

Let me repeat that: All of this action was captured by the remotely controlled UAV.

The media’s complicity in covering up the entire day’s events was aided by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) which wanted to use the UAV video to prove that the portion of the video dealing with the initial events was being viewed by the battalion officers in the command center, and they were fully aware of the situation on the scene, and attempted to cover it up. (Emphasis added)[…]

…the NCIS showed only a few minutes of what was filmed and acted as if that was all there was. The media eagerly picked up that fiction and ran with it, and the public was prevented from knowing the full story.

How many Marines and their families suffered because of the false information? Why do the MSM love to aid the enemy with stories that denigrate our military? Why has no MSM organization picked up on this information out for four days now?

So far, only Roger Hedgecock subbing for Rush Limbaugh, Phil Brennan of and T.F Sterns of T.F Stern’s Rantings have shown any interest in the truth. TF posts:

I was hoping to see John Murtha’s statement, something along the lines of, “Gee, I’m sorry for calling these brave Marines murderers; I spoke out of turn. I should have waited for Reliable witnesses. I should have waited for a court to make a decision as to their guilt or innocence before going public with my politically charged statements.” I guess it will be a while before I read or hear that kind of honesty from John Murtha.


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  1. Mike,

    Thanks for the link… I still have yet to read anything about this on any major news service web site. There is a link provided on the Limbaugh site; but it is reserved for their Rush 24 members.

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