R.I.P Aussiegirl

From About me of Ultima Thule written by Aussiegirl aka Helen

I am a naturalized Ukrainian-American, fortunate enough to have been admitted to this great land as an immigrant. My personal history is the spur for this blog. My parents lived through the Ukrainian Genocidal Famine of 1933, survived years of Communist persecution, fled to the West, endured forced labor in Nazi Germany, and following liberation, ended up in Allied internment camps fighting forced repatriation to the Soviet Union under the Yalta Agreement. Their courageous struggle to bring our family to freedom, first to Australia, then to America, and their example of unflinching faithfulness to truth and honor, have left an indelible impression on me. My parents did not save me from Communism and Nazism for me to go gently into dhimmitude or slavery. Hence my passion and my mission to expose threats to freedom and democracy wherever they are found. This blog is a testament to their courage and my small gift to their heroism.

Her husband David emailed to say she died of lung cancer on January 13th of this year. He will continue to keep her blog open and post some of her writings. I encourage you to look back over her blogging record.

If I had been more diligent in my reading of blogs in my blogroll, I would have noticed before now that she was gone. Reading what David has posted for her I was struck by her intelligence and love of music. In one post he reprints her email to a friend after attending a Verdi concert. She wrote:

Verdi has taken me on a journey — even though I know this piece by
heart — have heard it many times — hearing it in that great hall —
live — with real people pouring their hearts and talents and energies
into it — I understood it and experienced it fully for the first time
— Verdi — that unbelievable colossus — how could he have been
to create such music.[…]

If men like this existed — if talent like this existed — if music
like this exists — there must be a God — else where does all this
magnificence point? What is its purpose —- it has nothing to do with
procreating the species — or survival of the fittest — no —
music like this exists I KNOW there is a God and something divine and
mysterious that we can only dimly apprehend — but I know it — and
is why I cannot live without it.

I feel as she did, but about Mozart. I remember seeing Amadeus for the first ever exposed to his music, thinking it was so pure, so emotional, that it could only have been a gift to us from God.


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