Portland Selects Oden #1

Interesting draft, in light of the column by Dwight Jaynes in the Portland Tribune.

One perhaps-telling thing about Kevin Pritchard and the direction of this franchise that hasn’t been emphasized much is that the general manager has said many times that he believes the future is in an up-tempo, Phoenix-style game. Wide-open. … Would that fuel the temptation to draft Durant, rather than Oden?Don’t know – but when you think about playing a quick lineup of LaMarcus Aldridge at center, Zach Randolph at power forward, Durant at small forward, Brandon Roy at shooting guard and Sergio Rodriguez at the point, that’s one exciting team.

If you ask Jaynes about the Blazers, he thinks that Nate McMillan will not give up control to favor an up-tempo, Phoenix-style game or maybe even Lord, Lord, Golden State Warriors. So that’s why we drafted Oden instead of Durant and Oden fits in well with Zach Randolph.

Well, now we’ve traded Z-Bo to the Knicks and get Steve Fisher in return and we get Rudy Fernandez with Phoenix’s pick. Francis can replace some of Z-bo’s points, but Fernandez could be another Sergio Rodriguez. In a way it looks like we are getting an up-tempo team, however, an in control up-tempo McMillan coached team.

BTW, Zach, thanks for the 20 and 20. IMO, your fate was sealed here when you visited Club Exotica instead of playing the night your team was grinding its guts out. No excuse! Watch your back in the Big Apple. There are a lot more temptations to be a gangsta’ in NY.

Greg Oden

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