Search And Rescue In Oregon

As you may know, getting lost in Oregon can be hazardous to your health. Between 1997 and 2003, there have been 4,244 search and rescue operations, so I was happy to see the Trackstick.

Maybe, we should issue the Trackstick to tourists as they cross into our wild state.


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  1. But the Trackstick appears to be something to help you track where you’ve been … not something that will help others track you down if you get lost. It doesn’t look like it communicates with a transponder of any kind.

  2. HMIL, you right. But if you have it YOU can see your exact location and the route traveled can be viewed and played back directly within Google Earthâ„¢.

    I wonder if thewre is some way that the transponder can be accessed by law enforcement to see where info was downloaded?

  3. I’m looking at this as an add on feature for notebook computers, laptops or other items that could be tracked in the event of loss or theft. It sounds like it uses similar technology to the Lo-Jack put in cars to help cops find stolen vehicles and I looks to be small enough to be a built in item inside the shell of a lap top. Just thinking out loud….

  4. TF, we need to do something to find people that get lost. It is just a tragedy for the families and friends. Right now we have two men still missing on Mt Hood since December!

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