Libs On The Run???

Most days I feel like I’m just writing down thoughts that are whipped away in the daily wind of stimuli. Then out of nowhere appears an editorial in the NY Times written by two liberals that says the surge is working! That editorial is followed by two columns by David Ignatias in the Washington Post. The first acknowledges a simple truth:

While the U.S. diplomat (Ryan Crocker) delivered his stern warning against Iranian meddling in Iraq, (Hassan Kazemi) Qomi, (Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad) must have wondered: Why should I listen to this guy? Congress is going to start pulling U.S. troops out soon, no matter what he says. (My emphasis)

The second column appears today in the Washington Post. Ignatias relying on the NIE of July 17th asks a very good question:

Al-Qaeda has “regenerated key elements of its Homeland attack capability” using a new safe haven in the lawless frontier area of northwest Pakistan known as Waziristan.The question is: What is the United States going to do about it?(My emphasis)

Great question!

To top it off The Oregonian in an editorial questions Mayor Tom Potter. He wants to set up a covered facility, sort of a union hall, for illegal aliens who now stand on MLK and hire on as day laborers. Potter wants to use tax payer funds to aid and abet law breakers.

Potter hopes to have at least a temporary center open by year’s end. That would bring Portland into line with scores of other U.S. cities that have crossed this ridiculous Rubicon. It may be popular, it may be pragmatic, it still isn’t good public policy.And it still isn’t right. (My emphasis)

Whoa Nelly! So many libs seeing it my way. What’s next, the LA Times declaring George Bush the most courageous president since FDR?

David Ignatias
Mayor Tom Potter


Daniel’s Political Musings has some further thoughts on Mayor Potter’s labor site.

3 Responses to “Libs On The Run???”

  1. Nice post Mover! Saved me time adding to mine from yesterday.

    Nice to be retired eh? Hope you’re recovering well!


  2. RW, I don’t think I will ever retire. Tommorrow I start writing for Home Accents Today. They are paying me to write three times a week on a new blog called The Landfair Focus. This fall I go back to driving a school bus and my wife still has me opening boxws at her store and of course there is writing for Mover Mike. I have a great life!

  3. Note to self, proofread before publishing!

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