New Word “Undefinate” for Amtrak

From The Oregonian:

Amtrak has announced a major disruption of train service in the Pacific Northwest.Only train no. 510 and 517, which run between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., will operate. All other Cascade trains between Eugene and Vancouver are cancelled due to safety concerns. An Amtrak representative this morning said the disruption is undefinite (My emphasis).

Heatha Ashlee, wrote

If you
read my poems you’ll know more
about me than I can tell you

penned Undefinite Risk whose first three lines seem appropriate:

On all my love for you
I promise I’ll never break your heart
Like you broke mine


One Response to “New Word “Undefinate” for Amtrak”

  1. Hmmm…looks like the Oregonian fixed the error already. Just wondering, was that word directly from the Amtrak press release, or was the word conjured up by one of the Oregonian staff?

    And I’m no grammarian, but assuming they meant “indefinite”, wouldn’t that still be an incorrect use of the word? It seems to me that you’d have to say something like, “…the length of the disruption is indefinite.” Where’s Grammar Girl when we really need her?

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