Book Review: “The Entitled” By Frank Deford

Are you a baseball fan? Are you glued to the TV from spring to late fall watching as many baseball games as possible? Do you collect baseball cards and wallow in the statistics of baseball like a dog in a mud puddle?No me either! But, I did watch two seasons of Oregon State winning the national championship and I did watch Boston defeat the “Babe curse.” I rooted for the Cubbies and watched in disbelief as a fan interfered with a fly ball that ended their dream for one more year.

Mick, my driving buddy who’s “Hey, Blue!” for high school baseball can entertain me for hours with stories of baseball high jinx and crazy calls. What I’m leading up to is a great book I just finished written by Frank Deford.They say that Deford is “the most influential sports voice among members of the print media” or “the world’s greatest sports writer.” I’m no expert on his past writing, but I just finished The Entitled, A Tale of Modern Baseball and I couldn’t put it down. From that opening paragraph I was hooked:

So, for Howie, it was, at last: neither resignation on the one hand, nor anger on the other. No, it was simply awful, horrible disappointment that tore at him. That it all must end this way. No, not this way. Anyway it ended would be a calamity, because despair would follow, and Howie understood himself well enough to know that he didn’t possess the creative resources to really ever overcome that despair.

Howie Traveler, great name for a manager that’s been everywhere, is a baseball manager for the Cleveland Indians. He has finally made it to the “show”. Howie has a love for the game that is beyond anything I feel. One night, going to his room he sees something he wished he hadn’t. It involves his star player and an alleged rape and his conscience. And one way or another may cost him the only thing that has mattered in his life.

Deford through Howie and the star Jay Alcazar let us in on the behind the scenes of baseball as it’s played today. We learn about he entitlement of the new players. We meet an obsessive owner, all knowing about stats, but no wisdom about players. We learn from a man who has seen most everything about the fans, the groupies and baseball.

I wasn’t disappointed in the ending as some have been. I thought it worked well for everyone involved.


The Entitled
Frank Deford

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  1. Mover,

    Deford is an excellent sports writer. I enjoyed seeing Tom Glavine get #300 tonight, Craig Biggio #3000, A-Rod #500. Oh did I forget someone?…..*755*

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