The Seat Of Power!

I saw this at an architecture website, Babeczkaa. The language is unfamiliar to me and the regular translation sites don’t translate “bez komentarza

My thought was, “Why that’s George Bush’s seat of power! Those are going to be some big….shoes to fill, if Hillary is elected.” LOL

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3 Responses to “The Seat Of Power!”

  1. Oh, you never know. Hillary might scrunch down onto the stool and fit just fine.

    Politicians seem to be quite adept at hiding what is hidden beneath the outer coverings.

    Good find and quite entertaining. Looks to me like a breakfast stool. A place for a couple of hams, poach a couple of eggs and a drain spout for the grease.

  2. What a relief; I thought maybe this was something you were adding to your furniture line…

  3. “bez komentarza” – “no comments”

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