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What Has Become Of Zack?

I have a question for the New York Knick Fans:

You traded for Zack Randolph. How do you feel after last night’s game? You lost 104 to 59 to Boston, “your third worst loss and the second worst scoring performance of the shot-clock era.” In that game Zack Randolph played 18 minutes, was 1 for 10 from the field, snagged 3 rebounds, 4 personal fouls and a total of 4 points.

Would you like Travis Outlaw to go with Zack?


Did I mention the Blazers played Dallas and lost 80 to 91. That brings them to 6 and 11 so far this young season. Outlaw was 3 for 9 and 8 points.

New York Knicks Portland Trailblazers Zack Randolph

Grant Football

So far our Grant Boys are down:

11/30 Sheldon 35, Grant 21 3rd qtr.


Final score: Sheldon 41, Grant 21

Grant (10-2), ranked fifth and champion of the Portland Interscholastic League, made its deepest run in the OSAA playoffs since 1964, when the Generals also lost a semifinal.

Way to go Grant. I will look forward to seeing the boys practice for another go next summer and fall in the park.

What Is NAU?

The question “Are you an environmentalist or CEO?” comes at a funny time. For the past few weeks I’ve been seeing the word NAU around the net and in print. Yesterday, I found Josh Spear’s Top 5 Fashion Gifts. Number 3 is

Nau Sweaters: Buy It ($87-$103)

Girls and Boys can get extra cozy with sweaters from Nau thanks to their killer blend of eco and body consciousness. We like the cuddly feeling we get from Nau’s Partner’s for Change association, too (it allows for 5% of your gifting dollars to go towards a humanitarian, environmental, or social group of your choosing).

Nau’s appeal: With every sale we donate 5% to environmental or humanitarian organizations working to create positive change. Their partners are Conservation International, Heifer International, 1000 Friends of Oregon, Ecotrust and The Oregon Ntional Desert Association. NAU also has a blog, The Thought Kitchen and an interesting post I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas, Part 1 NAU has four stores, one in Bridgeport, Boulder, CO, Chicago, IL and Bellevue, WA.

NAU offers a beautiful Merchant Coat for $325.00, made of “recycled wool and recycled polyester.” Then there is a Stealth Sweater made of “recycled animal fibers” for $116.75. For me there is the Blender Glove for $100, made from “recycled content rather than virgin oil.”

I would characterize NAU as an environmentalist organization and unless they don’t have a CEO, he also would be an considered an environmentalist. Wouldn’t it be odd if the organizations he gives a generous 5%, wound up educating the young that he is a filthy CEO?

NAU environmentalist Mover Mike


“Are you an environmentalist or CEO?”

The things you hear on the big yellow bus.

I had picked up most of my middle schoolers headed for Beaumont, when I hear this question, “Are you an environmentalist or CEO?” This question came from Derianna, a loud, in your face student, but probable leader among her peers. My first thought was this sounded like an anti-business question. As the bus driver I get to ask questions.

I asked, “What’s the difference?”

Derianna said, “The CEO believes in global warming or climate change, but believes it is NOT human caused. The Environmentalist believes in global warming and believes it is human caused.”

I thought about her answer as I was seeing red. Was this definition taught in school or is it your definition?” She answered, “It was taught in school.”

I thought about her answer and wanted to know if she thought critically. “Do you buy that?” No answer. Finally, I asked, “Greenpeace is a large organization, can’t the CEO be an environmentalist?” No answer!

I gotta tell you, I’ve been concerned for quite sometime about the quality of our education and the liberal slant. Besides, this misinformation, last week when In Portland ran an interview with our new school superintendent, Carole Smith, one picture stood out and didn’t make the online edition. It was of Smith in a teacher’s classroom. The blackboard in the background had pictures of Che and Eleanor Roosevelt among other liberals.

Is this who our students are taught to look up to and use as role models?

Carole Smith


It didn’t occur to me at the time, until I wrote about NAU, that “environmentalist” covers a lot more ground than just global warming.

Rafael Avelino Gines: Questions

Jessica Bruder writing for The Oregonian updates the Mary Denise Richey hit and run story with this information about the driver,

Rafael Avelino Gines, 51, appeared Thursday in Clackamas County Circuit Court to hear charges of felony hit and run. If convicted, he would serve as much as 10 years in prison before an immigration judge decides whether to deport him, said Lorie Dankers, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman.

Gines told authorities he was originally from Mexico and lived in the United States illegally, Dankers said.

Mary Denise Richey, 40, of North Portland died Wednesday after she was struck trying to cross Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard near Gladstone.

Gines, who held a valid Oregon driver’s license and had no criminal record in Oregon, later surrendered to police.

More questions: How did he get a valid driver’s license if he was here illegally? Is it fake ID, meaning did he use fake information to get the license legally or is it a forgery? If convicted does he serve his term and then deported or id he deported upon conviction and never serve time in the U.S.? I wonder what questions the family of Mary Denise Richey might have. I’ve got one. How could you drag Richey, in a wheel chair, over 100 feet with your vehicle and not stop to see what you hit and render assistance?

Mary Denise Richey Rafael Avelino Gines Jessica Bruder


Jessica: Valid means it isn’t a fake.

and he would serve time here prior to possible deportation.

Mike: In your opinion how would ICE get involved from the outset. I mean, if he had a valid driver’s license, what would you guess was the “tell”?

Jessica busy on another story, referred me to ICE or the DMV.

Do you know how to reach ICE? What does ICE stand for? Ah yes, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Googgled ICE and I could find only a Seattle number that no one answered. Probably out chasing down illegal aliens. I decided to try the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Found someone to answer my questions: The arresting officer probably ran the driver’s license. It proved valid, BUT…the DMV is now sharing information and the name may not have been on a list of legals here, so it was flagged.

Apparently, it is easy to get forged or stolen documents to get a valid driver’s license. However, if picked up by the police, a trace can be run that nails the illegal. So I guess that’s why Senor Gines ran and left Mary Denise Richey for dead.

Our Hispanic Work Force

HGTV Pro.com has an interesting report on Hispanic Workforce Impact.

We will never deport or would we want to deport the Hispanics in this country who are here illegally. We need to find a solution to those immigrants here illegally already AND we need to seal the borders so the problem doesn’t continue to increase.

It may seem naive, but this isn’t a political problem. Both political parties want the votes of the Hispanics. They hope to pander to the needs of the Hispanics hoping to benefit at the polls. However, this is a search for the humane solution without selling out the middle class of this country.

I favor some road to citizenship if those here illegally want to be citizens. I also favor a guest worker solution. Give them an ID that can be used for a driver’s license, but it must be clearly labeled as such and not to be used to gain the vote. Guest workers should not be allowed to vote. Only citizens have that right.

Clearly, Hispanic workers bring a valuable set of skills to the workplace. It would not benefit our society to lose those skills.

Hispanic Work Force HGTV Pro.com Mover Mike

Seems, All I Have Are Questions

Why is this all there is in The Oregonian about the man who ran down Mary Denise Richey?

Police arrested 51-year old Rafael Avelino Gines of Milwaukie and booked him into the Clackamas County Jail on one count of felony hit and run. He was placed on an immigration hold by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

There are 619 words in the story and 38 devoted to Mr. Gines. It appears that Gines may be an illegal alien driving the car. Did he run because he had no illegal alien driver’s license? Did he run because he would be deported? If he’d applied for a driver’s license would he have been deported and thus the hit and run would never have happened?

Why did we trade Udoka to San Antonio who use him sparingly and we struggle with Outlaw, who most of the time is MIA in terms of scoring? I used 28 words to ask the question about Udoka!

So many questions!

Rafael Avelino Gines Mary Denise Richey Mover Mike


Final score Indiana 95, Portland 89

Just a basic question, what happens in the locker room that leads to an offensive effort of 13 Points in the 3rd Quarter?

Team 1 2 3 4 Tot
Indiana 17 25 25 28 95
Portland 22 24 13 30 89

Final Score Indiana 95, Portland 86

Levitz Update

FURNITURE Today is reporting this about the bankruptcy procedures at Levitz,

A consortium of six investment firms, several of them specialists in bankruptcy and liquidation sales, has emerged as the stalking horse bidder in the Levitz Furniture bankruptcy proceedings.

If their bid is successful, the investment firms would liquidate Levitz assets and would not operate the company as a going concern, said Jerry Cohen, an attorney representing several of the investment firms.

Bottom Line: It looks like we’ve seen the last of the Levitz retail outlet. Three Chapter 11s is enough!

First Hint Of Oscars

Here’s a first cut at movies that we must see prior to the Oscars, based on the nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards several films have the buzz:

The Independent Spirit Awards are the first prominent indicator of which art-house titles could make the leap to serious award contenders.

The Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There

Rescue Dawn

Talk To Me

The Namesake

Great World of Sound

Margot at the Wedding

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

A Mighty Heart


Broken English


Lust, Caution

The Savages

Starting Out in the Evening

August Evening


Elizabeth: The Golden Age

No Country for Old Men

Nominations for the Golden Globes will be announced on December 13.

The Oscars will take place on February 24 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, with nominations to be revealed on January 22.

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