Our Hispanic Work Force

HGTV Pro.com has an interesting report on Hispanic Workforce Impact.

We will never deport or would we want to deport the Hispanics in this country who are here illegally. We need to find a solution to those immigrants here illegally already AND we need to seal the borders so the problem doesn’t continue to increase.

It may seem naive, but this isn’t a political problem. Both political parties want the votes of the Hispanics. They hope to pander to the needs of the Hispanics hoping to benefit at the polls. However, this is a search for the humane solution without selling out the middle class of this country.

I favor some road to citizenship if those here illegally want to be citizens. I also favor a guest worker solution. Give them an ID that can be used for a driver’s license, but it must be clearly labeled as such and not to be used to gain the vote. Guest workers should not be allowed to vote. Only citizens have that right.

Clearly, Hispanic workers bring a valuable set of skills to the workplace. It would not benefit our society to lose those skills.

Hispanic Work Force HGTV Pro.com Mover Mike

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