“Are you an environmentalist or CEO?”

The things you hear on the big yellow bus.

I had picked up most of my middle schoolers headed for Beaumont, when I hear this question, “Are you an environmentalist or CEO?” This question came from Derianna, a loud, in your face student, but probable leader among her peers. My first thought was this sounded like an anti-business question. As the bus driver I get to ask questions.

I asked, “What’s the difference?”

Derianna said, “The CEO believes in global warming or climate change, but believes it is NOT human caused. The Environmentalist believes in global warming and believes it is human caused.”

I thought about her answer as I was seeing red. Was this definition taught in school or is it your definition?” She answered, “It was taught in school.”

I thought about her answer and wanted to know if she thought critically. “Do you buy that?” No answer. Finally, I asked, “Greenpeace is a large organization, can’t the CEO be an environmentalist?” No answer!

I gotta tell you, I’ve been concerned for quite sometime about the quality of our education and the liberal slant. Besides, this misinformation, last week when In Portland ran an interview with our new school superintendent, Carole Smith, one picture stood out and didn’t make the online edition. It was of Smith in a teacher’s classroom. The blackboard in the background had pictures of Che and Eleanor Roosevelt among other liberals.

Is this who our students are taught to look up to and use as role models?

Carole Smith


It didn’t occur to me at the time, until I wrote about NAU, that “environmentalist” covers a lot more ground than just global warming.

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