Rafael Avelino Gines: Questions

Jessica Bruder writing for The Oregonian updates the Mary Denise Richey hit and run story with this information about the driver,

Rafael Avelino Gines, 51, appeared Thursday in Clackamas County Circuit Court to hear charges of felony hit and run. If convicted, he would serve as much as 10 years in prison before an immigration judge decides whether to deport him, said Lorie Dankers, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman.

Gines told authorities he was originally from Mexico and lived in the United States illegally, Dankers said.

Mary Denise Richey, 40, of North Portland died Wednesday after she was struck trying to cross Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard near Gladstone.

Gines, who held a valid Oregon driver’s license and had no criminal record in Oregon, later surrendered to police.

More questions: How did he get a valid driver’s license if he was here illegally? Is it fake ID, meaning did he use fake information to get the license legally or is it a forgery? If convicted does he serve his term and then deported or id he deported upon conviction and never serve time in the U.S.? I wonder what questions the family of Mary Denise Richey might have. I’ve got one. How could you drag Richey, in a wheel chair, over 100 feet with your vehicle and not stop to see what you hit and render assistance?

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Jessica: Valid means it isn’t a fake.

and he would serve time here prior to possible deportation.

Mike: In your opinion how would ICE get involved from the outset. I mean, if he had a valid driver’s license, what would you guess was the “tell”?

Jessica busy on another story, referred me to ICE or the DMV.

Do you know how to reach ICE? What does ICE stand for? Ah yes, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Googgled ICE and I could find only a Seattle number that no one answered. Probably out chasing down illegal aliens. I decided to try the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Found someone to answer my questions: The arresting officer probably ran the driver’s license. It proved valid, BUT…the DMV is now sharing information and the name may not have been on a list of legals here, so it was flagged.

Apparently, it is easy to get forged or stolen documents to get a valid driver’s license. However, if picked up by the police, a trace can be run that nails the illegal. So I guess that’s why Senor Gines ran and left Mary Denise Richey for dead.

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  1. You ask such mean spirited questions…

  2. TF share with me how a driver’s license is handled today in Houston.

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