What Is NAU?

The question “Are you an environmentalist or CEO?” comes at a funny time. For the past few weeks I’ve been seeing the word NAU around the net and in print. Yesterday, I found Josh Spear’s Top 5 Fashion Gifts. Number 3 is

Nau Sweaters: Buy It ($87-$103)

Girls and Boys can get extra cozy with sweaters from Nau thanks to their killer blend of eco and body consciousness. We like the cuddly feeling we get from Nau’s Partner’s for Change association, too (it allows for 5% of your gifting dollars to go towards a humanitarian, environmental, or social group of your choosing).

Nau’s appeal: With every sale we donate 5% to environmental or humanitarian organizations working to create positive change. Their partners are Conservation International, Heifer International, 1000 Friends of Oregon, Ecotrust and The Oregon Ntional Desert Association. NAU also has a blog, The Thought Kitchen and an interesting post I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas, Part 1 NAU has four stores, one in Bridgeport, Boulder, CO, Chicago, IL and Bellevue, WA.

NAU offers a beautiful Merchant Coat for $325.00, made of “recycled wool and recycled polyester.” Then there is a Stealth Sweater made of “recycled animal fibers” for $116.75. For me there is the Blender Glove for $100, made from “recycled content rather than virgin oil.”

I would characterize NAU as an environmentalist organization and unless they don’t have a CEO, he also would be an considered an environmentalist. Wouldn’t it be odd if the organizations he gives a generous 5%, wound up educating the young that he is a filthy CEO?

NAU environmentalist Mover Mike


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  1. I have a framed picture in my bathroom in front of the “throne” which has lots of old sayings. One that has always made perfect sense reads, “When you see a situation you cannot understand, look for the financial interest”.

    There is another, one which might interest the environmentalists, “Castles in the air are all right until we try to move into them”. I prefer to live in a reality based environment, one which permits rational folks to achieve within the framework of a forward moving society, in comfort levels only accomplished through the use of materials and energy. I do not wish to live in a cave.

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