The Aptera

I’ve been posting ab out new cars from new independent auto companies. Glenn Reynolds today at Instapundit writes about the aptera:

It has a range between charges of 120 miles, goes up to 90 MPH, and gets three hundred miles per gallon.

Come on Detroit. is it really going to take you to 2020 to average 35 miles per gallon.

Aptera Mover Mike

One Response to “The Aptera”

  1. There’s a line from the movie, The Rocketeer, that fits right about here. When the young hero first put on the rocket back pack and went for a ride, came back down and exclaimed, “I like it!”

    They seem to have captured head turning looks along with a good start toward being functional. It still is a toy car, not much different than the way I see my BMW Z3 Coupe. It’s fun to drive, fits two people and has good eye appeal. Now, get some real power, say a motorcycle motor as primary power and the electric side as back up, trade off to 50-75 mpg and get the range up to 300 miles and it will sell like hot cakes.

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