It Pays To Shop!

I’m not sure how stores make money anymore. Sure I know there’s a big mark-up on items, but let me give you a couple of examples of our Christmas shopping.

I already told you that we bought a 42-inch LCD flat screen for $1199 at Video Only. In March, Consumer’s Report rated the brand we bought, JVC, as the best value, their number 1 pick, and it was priced then at $2700.

The week before Christmas, Bev found a Calvin Klein trench coat at Macys, regularly $300 for $150. It was suggested that she put the coat on hold because the next day it might be cheaper. She did and the next day when she returned, she bought it for $65.

On Christmas eve, she and I like to go downtown and shop just for the two of us, maybe even sit on Santa’s lap. I suggested we look at Nine West in Pioneer Place. I knew she was looking for some patent leather boots. We found two pair, one pair that came almost to the knee was $175 marked down to $99 and the other came up over the ankle, was priced at $40. The saleswoman said if we bought both we would get 30% off. I figured quickly that 30% is about the price of the over the ankle shoe. We bought both and the total was about $97. They basically paid us $3 to take the second pair off their hands.

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis reports today that Target is reporting disappointing Christmas sales.

Target Corp (TGT) warned on Monday that its December same-store sales were below expectations and said it now expects sales at stores open at least a year in the range of down 1 percent to up 1 percent, adjusted for a calendar shift.

Is anyone making any money?

Target Corp (TGT) Christmas Sales Mover Mike

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