Quite a day in politics.

First, Sen. Ted Kennedy seems fed up with the Clintons and has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama with these words:

‘Through Barack, I believe we will move beyond the politics of fear and personal destruction and unite our country with the politics of common purpose’

Second, Rudy Giulani has said

“The winner of Florida will win the nomination.”

The latest poll ahows Mitt Romney now with a slight lead over Sen. John McCain. The state that Giulani expected to roll him into the White House, has found him wanting.

Third, McCain seems to have pissed off conservative Republicans by lying about Romney’s record. It is too early, but the nominees could be Obama, the first black nominee, and Romney, the first Mormon nominee. The result will be historic!

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3 Responses to “Quite a day in politics.”

  1. All the Hillary hatred so cultivated over the past few years is turning against the Republicans. Not everyone cheering Obama against Hillary will vote for him, but I guess he’ll get a larger than usual share of right leaning independents.

  2. David, it’s not turning against Reps. The Dems are finally fed up wuith her and turning her out.

  3. Yes, but it’s gotten Republicans cheering Obama and accusing her husband of attacking him unfairly. The momentum will be the wrong way if Obama is nominated, and they need to convince independents he’s evil.

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