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Door-To-Door Sales

One of my pet peeves: I’m watching something very interesting on the nightly news when Ralph the dog goes nuts barking, meaning there’s someone at the front door. Ralph is insistent as I, too, hear a rapping at my household door. Who’s that rapping at my night-draped door.

I leave the TV, turn on the porch light, grab Ralph and open the door. Here’s some hippie child holding a clip board asking me to support her particular liberal interest. Won’t you sign my petition? Won’t you contribute $100? How about $50? Even $10 would help us achieve success?

Now, if the U.S. is anything like the UK, we can expect to hear more tapping at our doors. Reuters’ Jennifer Hill writes in Credit crunch spells Avon lady revival – or bankruptcy, because of the ongoing liquidity crisis,

Consumers are, perhaps unsurprisingly, seeking new ways to earn extra cash. The Direct Selling Association is predicting a 10 percent increase in the number of direct sellers in 2008, boosting the UK’s 400,000-strong direct seller workforce. People can each as much as 50,000 pounds per year selling goods directly to family, friends and neighbours, it says.

The trend has also been seen by Avon, the world’s biggest direct seller of cosmetics, which sells more lipstick, skincare and nail polish than any other brand in the UK. It reports a 25 percent year-on-year increase in new recruits. Based on this, they expect to enlist almost 4,000 new representatives this year.

Great! Now we will have to put up with Avon Calling, magazine sellers, pots and pan salespeople, and kids selling all sorts of candy, cookies and flowers. I would get one of those signs that say, “No Solicitors”, but I think the sign would merely identify me as weak-willed consumer with no “NO!” button.

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Quakes Quiet In Oregon

It’s been quiet in Oregon. Here are the most recent jiggles:

map 2.0 2008/02/26 13:04:43 45.080N 122.341W 14.5 20 km (13 mi) ESE of Molalla, OR

map 1.8 2008/02/25 11:21:10 43.655N 122.255W 0.0 20 km (12 mi) ESE of Oakridge, OR

map 1.5 2008/02/22 16:26:49 45.084N 122.596W 11.3 7 km ( 5 mi) NE of Scotts Mills, OR

map 1.9 2008/02/22 09:40:21 44.827N 117.130W 10.9 6 km ( 4 mi) SSW of Halfway, OR

map 1.8 2008/02/19 17:12:44 44.238N 118.214W 0.0 23 km (15 mi) S of Unity, OR

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McCall, Idaho – Chapter Nine Bankruptcy???

I was born in Boise, Idaho. My relatives lived in Boise, Meridian and Nampa. Each year as a kid, my family would take our vacation on mom’s parents’ farm and visit the relatives. One year we stayed at Shore Lodge on Payette Lake near McCall, Idaho. The Lodge was managed by my uncle Perry Bruce, who had managed the old Boise Hotel. Payette Lake is where I first went horse back riding and where I caught my first fish.

Imagine my surprise when I read, City of McCall could declare bankruptcy today.

In 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency ordered McCall to stop dumping treated wastewater into the Payette River.

The city hired a contractor to build storage ponds to remedy environmental concerns.

That ultimately lead to years of lawsuits — with McCall claiming the work wasn’t done properly and the contractor demanding payment.

McCall owes the contractor $6.5 Million and the contractor is suing to get paid before anyone else, thus the possibility of filing “Chapter Nine Bankruptcy”. “…it buys time and allows the city to determine just how it will pay the millions it owes.”

Maybe, bankruptcy is a national fever, like the flu. I hope there is a vaccine.

100% Preventable!

U.S. immigration officials say today they’ve determined the identity of the 24-year-old woman who drove a van into a school bus, killing four children last week in southwestern Minnesota.

The driver has been identified as Olga Marina Franco and she’s from Guatemala, according to Gail Montenegro, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Chicago.

Franco has been charged with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide stemming from the Feb. 19 crash near Cottonwood. Witnesses say she blew through a stop sign, jumped over some railroad tracks and hit the rear of the bus, which tipped over and collided with a pickup truck.

The woman initially said her name was Alianiss Nunez Morales, but ICE officials said she was using a fake name and was here illegally.

It’s 100% preventable. Olga Marina Franco should not have been in this country. If the U.S. Government was doing its job, four children might be alive today.


Friday (2/29/08) Olga Marina Franco del Cid was charged with federal identity theft and social security charges. In a release from the United States Attorney’s office in Minnesota, Franco del Cid told investigators shortly after the crash she was Alianiss Morales, but when federal agents tracked down the real Morales, she told authorities her purse and identification documents were stolen six months ago while she was living in Puerto Rico. The U.S. Attorney’s office says Franco del Cid allegedly used those documents to apply for jobs in Minnesota and also used Morales’s social security card to get a Minnesota state I.D. card.

Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst

In this weeks edition:

Does America “owe” the citizens of foreign nations jobs and money? And…NAFTA, was it really a bad thing?

Plus, our interview with Phyllis Schlafly

100% Preventable! American citizens continue to suffer and die due to open borders! When will the madness end?

Download for your Ipod here.

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you’d like to join find out how right here.

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The Oscars

Well, the Academy Awards were a delicious waste of four hours.

I wasn’t impressed with Jon Stewart as host. He was a little too casual, really not funny. My main prediction back in December was Sweeney Todd would win best picture. Wrong! It wasn’t even nominated.

My ballot tonight was pretty sparse for wins. Out of 28 categories, I was correct on 11. Biggest surprise to me was Best Actress – Marion Cotillard. I picked Julie Christie. I picked Cate Blanchett for best supporting actress and Tilda Swinton won.

Some observations:
When Amy Adams was singing the Happy Working song, I noticed that her shoes were ill fitting. You could see the inside of her pumps and in HD, she appeared to have a bruise on the inside of her left arm. Very distracting. In fact a lot of the women, in HD, had a lot of wrinkles and crows feet. Helen Mirren was one of the worst. Julie Christie’s cleavage looked creapy. Catty, catty. I sound like an old queen.
Javier Barden’s mom had too many rings.
Renee Zellwenger looked very HOT as did Cameron Diaz. Very nice chi chis.
Finally, John Travolta did not look good. Was that his real hair and is he gay?

My wife and I love the movies, and every weekend we see the best rated movie. We miss very few of the good ones. I am very happy to have picked more correctly than my wife, even if it was just by one.

Academy Awards Oscars Mover Mike

Atta Boy, Bob!

General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz dismisses global warming as a “total crock of s—,”

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Can we get Bob Lutz to run for President?

Bob Lutz Global Warminge Mover Mike



First the financial industry has lobbied congress over the years to rid the nation of restrictions on the banks ability to make money. We’ve done away with all the laws that derived from mistakes leading up to the Great Depression. Now, the mortgage mess that was created by the FED, Congress, the SEC and the banks, is threatening the economic well being of the nation and Bank of America wants Congress’ help.

A confidential proposal that Bank of America (BAC) circulated to members of Congress this month …

…warns that up to $739 billion in mortgages are at “moderate to high risk” of defaulting over the next five years and that millions of families could lose their homes.

To prevent that, Bank of America suggested creating a Federal Homeowner Preservation Corporation that would buy up billions of dollars in troubled mortgages at a deep discount, forgive debt above the current market value of the homes and use federal loan guarantees to refinance the borrowers at lower rates.


There’s no help for the mortgagees. Not that they should have any. There’s just a relief from the consequences of the banks’ risk taking.

Bank of America (BAC) Mortgages Mover Mike


In a piece in the Washington Post by David Ignatius, Wall Street Bank Run, he seems to be arguing for just what (BAC) is angling for, a federal bailout:

The answer to Wall Street’s bank run may be a version of what saved Main Street banks during the Great Depression. President Franklin Roosevelt created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1933 to reassure the public that there was an insurer of last resort for the banks — and that people’s money was safe even if they couldn’t see it or touch it or put it under a mattress.


Ignatius does one good thing. He calls “Hillary Clinton’s proposed moratorium on home foreclosures…one of the truly bad ideas of our time.

Bitches Get Things Done!

Tine Fey endorses Hillary:

Sen. Hillary Clinton Tina Fey Mover Mike


NBC has pulled its show from YouTube, so we have the NBC version:

Keyless Remotes, Not Working!

Interesting item from Bremerton, WA.

Something has caused almost all the keyless remotes to stop working in Bremerton.

No one so far has been able to explain why the remote keyless entry systems on nearly every vehicle in the Bremerton-Port Orchard suddenly stopped functioning at about the same time Wednesday afternoon and hasn’t worked since. “It’s strange,” DeCamp said. “A lot of people are really upset.”


…remote keyless entry devices use a radio signal in the 300- to 500-megahertz range. When the “lock” or “unlock” button is pushed on a handheld device, it transmits a signal to a receiver in the car that locks or unlocks the doors.


The problem started at almost exactly the same time the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson was returning home to Bremerton from seven weeks at sea, causing service managers at some car dealerships to suspect radio emissions from the ship are somehow to blame.

I recall, when I was a lustful high school student, wishing for a remote device that would unlock bra straps with a flick of a button just as present day keyless remotes unlock a car door. My best designs failed, however, when all I could open were garage doors. Seems, then like now, we had to go back to relearning how to use our hands and car keys.

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