Keyless Remotes, Not Working!

Interesting item from Bremerton, WA.

Something has caused almost all the keyless remotes to stop working in Bremerton.

No one so far has been able to explain why the remote keyless entry systems on nearly every vehicle in the Bremerton-Port Orchard suddenly stopped functioning at about the same time Wednesday afternoon and hasn’t worked since. “It’s strange,” DeCamp said. “A lot of people are really upset.”


…remote keyless entry devices use a radio signal in the 300- to 500-megahertz range. When the “lock” or “unlock” button is pushed on a handheld device, it transmits a signal to a receiver in the car that locks or unlocks the doors.


The problem started at almost exactly the same time the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson was returning home to Bremerton from seven weeks at sea, causing service managers at some car dealerships to suspect radio emissions from the ship are somehow to blame.

I recall, when I was a lustful high school student, wishing for a remote device that would unlock bra straps with a flick of a button just as present day keyless remotes unlock a car door. My best designs failed, however, when all I could open were garage doors. Seems, then like now, we had to go back to relearning how to use our hands and car keys.

3 Responses to “Keyless Remotes, Not Working!”

  1. The article says March 2001

    It is still interesting though.

  2. This falls into the “Outer Limits” category. At least they had the honesty to say “We have no idea”; or, they are not telling the truth and know exactly what made all those devices quit working. We control the vertical and the horizontal. There is nothing wrong with your television…

  3. WO, thanks for pointing the date out. It is old, yet the blog where I saw it was posted in 2008. Still the story was interesting, as you say.

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