The Oscars

Well, the Academy Awards were a delicious waste of four hours.

I wasn’t impressed with Jon Stewart as host. He was a little too casual, really not funny. My main prediction back in December was Sweeney Todd would win best picture. Wrong! It wasn’t even nominated.

My ballot tonight was pretty sparse for wins. Out of 28 categories, I was correct on 11. Biggest surprise to me was Best Actress – Marion Cotillard. I picked Julie Christie. I picked Cate Blanchett for best supporting actress and Tilda Swinton won.

Some observations:
When Amy Adams was singing the Happy Working song, I noticed that her shoes were ill fitting. You could see the inside of her pumps and in HD, she appeared to have a bruise on the inside of her left arm. Very distracting. In fact a lot of the women, in HD, had a lot of wrinkles and crows feet. Helen Mirren was one of the worst. Julie Christie’s cleavage looked creapy. Catty, catty. I sound like an old queen.
Javier Barden’s mom had too many rings.
Renee Zellwenger looked very HOT as did Cameron Diaz. Very nice chi chis.
Finally, John Travolta did not look good. Was that his real hair and is he gay?

My wife and I love the movies, and every weekend we see the best rated movie. We miss very few of the good ones. I am very happy to have picked more correctly than my wife, even if it was just by one.

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