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One of my pet peeves: I’m watching something very interesting on the nightly news when Ralph the dog goes nuts barking, meaning there’s someone at the front door. Ralph is insistent as I, too, hear a rapping at my household door. Who’s that rapping at my night-draped door.

I leave the TV, turn on the porch light, grab Ralph and open the door. Here’s some hippie child holding a clip board asking me to support her particular liberal interest. Won’t you sign my petition? Won’t you contribute $100? How about $50? Even $10 would help us achieve success?

Now, if the U.S. is anything like the UK, we can expect to hear more tapping at our doors. Reuters’ Jennifer Hill writes in Credit crunch spells Avon lady revival – or bankruptcy, because of the ongoing liquidity crisis,

Consumers are, perhaps unsurprisingly, seeking new ways to earn extra cash. The Direct Selling Association is predicting a 10 percent increase in the number of direct sellers in 2008, boosting the UK’s 400,000-strong direct seller workforce. People can each as much as 50,000 pounds per year selling goods directly to family, friends and neighbours, it says.

The trend has also been seen by Avon, the world’s biggest direct seller of cosmetics, which sells more lipstick, skincare and nail polish than any other brand in the UK. It reports a 25 percent year-on-year increase in new recruits. Based on this, they expect to enlist almost 4,000 new representatives this year.

Great! Now we will have to put up with Avon Calling, magazine sellers, pots and pan salespeople, and kids selling all sorts of candy, cookies and flowers. I would get one of those signs that say, “No Solicitors”, but I think the sign would merely identify me as weak-willed consumer with no “NO!” button.

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