Ex-Pats In Mexico

When I mention Mazatlan to people, I hear about some book written by ex-pats living in Mexico or I hear about someone contemplating moving to Mexico. Bev and I had dinner with friends that vacationed in Mexico four years ago, now they have a house in San Miguel de Allende and are planning to pull up stakes and move there permanently in the next year or so.

I got to wondering, how many Americans have moved there? This table is courtesy of the 2000 census, the last information we have available and available at LifeTwo.com:

Total population Foreign-born US-born
1970 48,225,238 191,159 97,229
1980 66,846,833 268,900 157,117
1990 81,249,645 340,824 194,619
2000 97,014,732 519,707 358,614

The report states:

…there is very little actual research done on the demographics of the US citizens abroad or their settlement choices. Howerver, combining host-country with US census information, it is clear that citizens over 50 are a growing number in the exodus.


None of the data above captures the second-home buyers, a segment of the real estate market that is growing at very high rates in both Mexico and Panama, and which would be interesting to add on.

I found this map showing where ex-pats are living at Latin Lista:

Popular destination points for American retirees in Mexico.
(Source: Migration Policy Institute)

Here are two books, one I’ve read and one I’m currently reading:

“The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico: The Expatriate’s Guide to Moving, Retiring, or just hanging out” by Doug Bower and Cynthia, M. Bower

“On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel” by Tony Cohan

And today I heard about “Lost and Found in Mexico”, A Documentary Film by Caren Cross.

Are we thinking of following in so many footsteps? Right now it is just an idea that will take much investigation. I’ll keep you informed of our progress.

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