Thomas H. Lee Partners Hit Once Again!

The news sent me scurrying through my old Refco posts.

Banks Sued Over Clear Channel
The dispute over Clear Channel escalated as private-equity firms filed suit, seeking to force lenders to fund the $19 billion buyout. A failed deal could cost Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners nearly $1 billion combined.

Back in November, 2005, Forbes wrote,

Last year, (Thomas H.) Lee’s $508 million investment in Refco, formerly the largest independent futures brokerage, seemed like a winner.

Yup, back in those posts was Thomas H. Lee Partners. $500 Billion Million here, $500 Billion Million there, “Pretty soon we’re talking about real money!” Only Sen. Dirksen was talking about $1 Billion.

Refco Thomas H. Lee Partners Clear Channel


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