POMOs Hit $99 Billion In March!

In light of the recent Permanent Open Market Operations (POMOs) by the FED, $99 Billion since March 7, 2008, I throught this email from Chris Powell of GATA should be read by all:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

The Federal Reserve’s ever-increasing “short-term” lending to major commercial and investment banks, described in the news report appended here, is starting to recall the boast of Barrick Gold a few years ago that its huge gold loans were “evergreen,” written for 15-year terms but always allowed to be extended for another year every year.

Barrick’s suggestion was that its gold loans never had to be repaid — that they were gold loans from central banks and that the central banks did not want their gold back, that the central banks wanted instead for the gold price to be suppressed. By contrast, demanding repayment of the gold loans would cause a short squeeze in the gold market and send the price soaring. That’s what central bank gold sales seem to be: not delivery of new gold into the market but cash settlement of old gold loans that can’t be repaid without causing that short squeeze.

For who else would want to “lend” gold on the virtually indefinite terms available to Barrick? Who else would even be able to lend gold this way? Who else would want to do so? And what purpose could such loans have other than to suppress the price?

Does the Fed want its burgeoning loans to the commercial and investment banks repaid? Probably not any time soon, for all these “short-term” billions can be deployed to rig a lot of markets — not just the mortgage derivatives markets that are the center of attention but very possibly the commodities markets as well. Thus these loans would become just like the funds in the Fed’s pool of repurchase agreements with the Fed’s primary dealers in New York, a pool of funds that now stands near $300 billion. These funds too are nominally “temporary” loans, but the pool never goes back to zero or even close. To the contrary, it is usually growing and has nearly doubled over the last six months — and its only purpose is market rigging.

News organizations and Congress have not yet realized the purposes to which infinite money may be put and so haven’t begun questioning all the money being flung around. But it’s not about free-market capitalism; it’s what’s called lemon socialism, wherein private interests take any profits and the public assumes any losses.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

BTW, we have not had any POMOs since May of 2007 and that was for $1.396 Billion, a far cry from $94 Billion in nine operations in March, 2008.


I don’t want to leave the impression that the FED is ballooning the money supply with these POMOs, when in fact they have been DRAINING operations. At last count these Outright Coupon Sales or Outright Bill Sales have continued daily for $5 Billion a day. Then since April 3rd they stopped. The total since starting, about $120 Billion.

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