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Too bad Baseball isn’t like Golf!

My friend T. Fraser Stern at
T F Stern’s Rantings

I was watching the Astros game a while ago and watched as the Rockies center fielder (Ryan Spilborghs) attempted to catch a fly ball; what should have been a lead off double by (with the score 3-2 Rockies) Blum turned into the first out. Had he (Ryan) caught it “on the square” it would have been a great play; but the ball momentarily was dislodged from his glove, rolled on the grass and he was able to gather it back quickly. His back was to the infield and the umpire couldn’t see how the ball had gotten out and quickly retrieved.

Blum says “I just figured when a guy dives and makes a catch with the ball in his glove and raises it with is bare hand out the other side it’s a little fishy, but they made the call.”

The fans booed Ryan Spilborghs for several minutes. Astros fan TF says “What kind of hero would intentionally lie in front of an entire stadium full of fans just to record a single out?”

Apparently, some think it’s ok to cheat. Rarely does it happen in golf.

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  1. Thanks for the link; and it really is a shame to find “professional sports figures” with little or no character/integrity.

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