Girls Get It

Sara Tucholsky, a career .153 hitter, of Western Oregon University (WOU) stepped up to bat last weekend with two runners on in a softball game with Central Washington University (CWU) and smashed it out of the park. Her only home-run in four years playing for WOU.

She looked up to watch her ball pass over fence and missed first base. As she headed back to hit the base, she stopped and dropped to the ground in pain.

Due to game rules, teammates could not touch Tucholsky or she would be out. A player could be substituted for the down player at first base…

She would get an automatic double — but would forfeit her home run.
Brian Meehan writes

Central entered Saturday’s doubleheader one game behind Western Oregon in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference race. At stake was a bid to the NCAA’s Division II playoffs. Western won the first game 8-1, extending its winning streak to 10 games. Central desperately needed the second game to keep its postseason hopes alive.

What happened next is the rest of the story: Mallory Holtman “the greatest softball player in Central Washington history” and “honors program student Liz Wallace of Florence, Mont.” carried Sara Tucholsky around the bases, pausing at each base for Tucholsky to touch the bag. Final score was WOU 4, CWU 2.

John Canzano asks would men have acted this way?

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