Mick The Umpire

About this time last year, I introduced you to
Mick the Umpire. I said

My friend Mick is a little league baseball ump and has been for over 25 years. It is an unpaid and entirely selfless avocation, if you want to umpire in the world series. I am always entertained by his knowledge of the baseball rules and how they come into play in a game. He has to know instantly how to call a grounder that is fair when it goes bouncing fair past third base, but goes foul or a fly ball that is fair when it passes third, but goes foul. How to instantly react to base running situations is another puzzle for me, but not for him.

The other day a base runner slid toward home and the catcher tagged the runner on the arm as he was reaching for the bag. The tag moved the runner’s arm. Mick called him out and just as quickly checked with the other ump, who also saw the tag and signaled out. Now the manager of the player tagged out, put up a fit and started yelling at Mick that this was the worst call he’d ever seen, that Mick was as blind as any bat, that the call was an injustice to all the good umps out there.

Mick calmly told the manager “that’s enough, move away and return to the dugout.”

The manager did turn away, but had to get one more dig in. “You are an abomination!”

Mick pointed at the manager and emphatically yelled, “You’re out of here!”

The shocked manager said, “But blue, this is a practice game!”

I love baseball. Too bad, so many see this life as just practice.

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  1. That last line reminded me of when I was playing ball. It was a competitive league, all high school age ball players in a summer non school related league. I had worked hard to get picked for the team and during the first “practice” my coach came over to me and told me to “ease up, you already made the team”.

    There’s no such thing as “just a practice”; even as a kid I knew that.

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