Zero Point Energy Update From Mark Goldes

Mark Goldes contacted me today. I last wrote about him in November of 2007. Goldes is the Chairman & CEO of Magnetic Power Inc.

The company is developing technology it calls POWERGENIEâ„¢ (Power Generation of Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy). Based upon proprietary breakthrough discoveries, GENIE generators (as well as other self-sustaining magnetic systems) are being designed to operate continuously, without fuel. The principle energy source is the Quantum Vacuum, which permeates the universe and is abundant, renewable and pollution free. When generators are mass produced, the cost of electricity is expected to be less than any competing form of power generation.

Goldes directed my attention to its press release:

Magnetic Power Inc. has become aware of a revolutionary achievement. After 17 years of research, a 37 year old inventor in Bangladesh has shown professors from an engineering university, as well as other scientists and electrical engineers, that he has created magnetic energy conversion systems that produce electricity without any need for fuel. The professors commented that this invention challenged fundamental principles of electricity and energy conservation.

What I find fascinating is the idea that POWERGENIEâ„¢ could power an automobile or truck without using fossil fuels when the engine is moving the vehicle. But, in the off hours it could be plugged into an energy grid that would sell power to the utilities.

A generator converting Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and powering an electric automobile might be thought of as a fuel cell that uses
magnetism instead of hydrogen. We can easily switch this magnetic cell on or off. When the car is driving the
conversion cell is switched on, providing energy to the electric motor that propels the car. When the vehicle is
parked, the electric motor is turned ‘off’, but the modular cell remains “on”, still producing energy, like a fuel cell that runs on magnetism instead of hydrogen. In larger cars, trucks and buses, up to 150 kW, produced by the cell
while the motor is off, can be transferred from the vehicle through a wireless technology requiring no physical
connection to the parked vehicle, providing power to the utility grid. Instead of paying to park, the electric power
utility will pay vehicle owners, because their cars and trucks become a source of electricity, a clean alternative to any existing type of power plant. Over a reasonable period of time, payments to the owner may be sufficient to
reimburse the purchase price of a vehicle.

Think of all the developing countries that need electricity. This single invention could bring world-wide prosperity!

5 Responses to “Zero Point Energy Update From Mark Goldes”

  1. Sounds too good to be true, more like Sci-fi than reality; all the same it would sure be a neat trick if true.

  2. Even if true, “free” energy on a large scale would put millions of people out of work in the conventional energy industry. Oil and coal workers, plus any businesses who directly or indirectly produce support equipment would be drastically affected. From the guy who drills wells or digs mines, to the gas station attendant, tanker drivers or utility company workers, people would find their jobs disappearing.

    As much as I would love to see a zero-point energy powered vehicle parked in my driveway, powering my house at night, I wonder what the impact would be on our economy?

  3. Lee, I guess you could have said the same thing about the buggy whips, and carriages, and horses and oats for the horses and all the servants who drive the carriages and the wheel makers. Did you notice GM used to build carriages as in “Body by Fisher”.

  4. Mike, the advent of the horseless carriage opened up a multitude of new business opportunities, from road building to motels and drive-in restaurants, as well as the petroleum industry. I’m just wondering if the advent of ZPE generators would provide a comparable number of employment opportunities, sufficient to offset the loss of jobs in the conventional energy industry. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against progress, and have been following alternative energy advances since the ’60’s, including an unfortunate experience with an electric car in 1980. I’ve been following Mark Goldes and Magnetic Power, Inc. for several years, and would be one of the first on my block to install a Powergenie if one became available. Unfortunately, it continues to be about a year away from a practical demonstration.

  5. Just remember the scientific discovery of the key to “The theta-tau puzzle” back in the 50-ies of the 20th century

    as proposed by Nobel-price winners Lee and Yang and experimentally confirmed by Wu.

    Symmetry is and can be broken in real life. It is already known since 1950-ies that “The law of conservation of Energy” does and can not always be applied.

    ZPE-systems that run and work usually with Coefficient Of Performance of much higher than 1 are just another proof that symmetry is broken, parity is violated.

    Your aircon or fridge also runs with COP >1, maybe 3,4 that is already not so surprising.

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