Father Michael Pfleger’s Racist Rant

Do you really believe that the Hillary supporters can EVER vote for Obama after this diatribe by Father Michael Pfleger?

The white priest has had a relationship with Obama for decades. Notice the black churchgoers standing up and cheering Pfleger’s racist rant.

Quite a political season. The Clinton supporters don’t like the Obama. The Obama supporters don’t like the Clintons and very few conservatives can stand McCain.

Sure reminds me of the song

(Sheldon Harnick)

They’re rioting in Africa

They’re starving in Spain

There’s hurricanes in Florida

And Texas needs rain.

The whole world is festering

With unhappy souls

The French hate the Germans,

The Germans hate the Poles

Italians hate Yugoslavs

South Africans hate the Dutch

And I don’t like anybody very much

But we can be grateful

And thankful and proud

That man’s been endowed

With a mushroom shaped cloud

And we know for certain

That some happy day

Someone will set the spark off

And we will all be blown away

They’re rioting in Africa

There’s strife in Iran

What nature doesn’t do to us

Will be done by our fellow man.

We think this was done by the Kingston Trio back in the 60’s. Sad to say, much of it is still true today

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