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Is It Global Waming Harming The Caribou?

The headline in the Anchorage Daily News says Calf deaths close caribou herd to hunting. I just knew it would be connected to global warming. Sure enough, there it is in the second paragraph:

Biologists speculate that global warming is forcing vegetation to mature early, so when the caribou reach calving grounds, little nutrition is still available. A University of Alaska study in western Greenland found similar results.

This was attributed to a story in the Dutch Harbor Fisherman, Southern caribou herd closed to hunting Way down in paragraph 14 it says

It’s not the first time that subsistence users were barred from harvesting the animals. The Alaska Board of Game closed the Unimak and southern Peninsula herds by emergency order in 1993 when populations fell below 2,500.

And way down in the very last paragraph

(Kristine) Sowl (a wildlife biologist with the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge) said that she think there’s a lot going on behind the dwindling herds.
“It’s probably going to be a number of factors, it’s not a black-and-white thing,” Sowl, said, “These animals tend to be very cyclical. … Caribou have an amazing capacity for recovery.

You would have an amazing ability to survive in this hostile world:


What do we know? The unproven global warming may be one of a number of factors and it has happened before.

Vallejo Is Expected To File Chap. 9 Today

On May 7th I posted that Vallejo Votes for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy and in it I wrote the city, “unsuccessfully negotiated with its police, firefighter and electrical workers unions for contract concessions through 2012. Public safety salaries comprise 74 percent of the city’s general fund budget.”

In the Tulsa Beacon I read that

Police and fire unions kept upping demands and the mayor and city councilors repeatedly gave in without proper regard for the budget. A Vallejo police captain makes $306,583 in salary and benefits while a police lieutenant gets $240,146. A Vallejo fire captain earns $206,890 while a firefighter earns an average of $171,250, according to a city financial report.

Compare those salaries to the President and Vice-President of the U.S. As president, Bush makes $400,000 and gets additional money in various expense accounts. Cheney makes $208,100 and also has expense accounts. Surely, little Vallejo is overpaying its police and fire department heads.

Councilman Tom Bartee said the council is eager to avoid bankruptcy if there’s a viable way. …and said the council is considering all options.

“Other cities on the brink of bankruptcy have looked at debt restructuring and borrowing money as a way to avoid imminent crisis,” Bartee said. “So we’ve been looking at that as well.

Wow! That might work. In order to avoid bankruptcy, let’s borrow some money to stave off the day. Here’s a thought: why not declare Chapter 9 and walk away from the fire and police contracts. Or hand the keys over and let them run it.

Maupin and Unity Oregon Quakes

We still have movement near Maupin, Oregon and lately Unity, Oregon, SSW of Baker, Oregon has starting jittering

map 2.2 2008/05/22 04:51:47 45.128N 120.934W 14.5 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 2.2 2008/05/21 19:11:49 45.898N 122.921W 38.8 8 km ( 5 mi) W of Columbia City, OR

map 1.7 2008/05/21 12:31:25 44.237N 118.256W 8.1 24 km (15 mi) SSW of Unity, OR

map 2.8 2008/05/20 07:17:36 44.242N 118.246W 6.0 23 km (15 mi) S of Unity, OR

map 1.7 2008/05/19 17:31:59 44.251N 118.213W 6.3 22 km (14 mi) S of Unity, OR

map 1.7 2008/05/19 13:22:41 44.237N 118.249W 7.3 24 km (15 mi) S of Unity, OR

map 2.2 2008/05/19 08:20:33 44.117N 122.838W 9.4 14 km ( 9 mi) ENE of Springfield, OR

map 1.1 2008/05/18 15:01:38 45.121N 120.934W 18.0 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 1.5 2008/05/17 03:49:32 45.127N 120.925W 17.6 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 1.1 2008/05/15 23:14:12 45.121N 120.921W 14.7 14 km ( 9 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

map 2.2 2008/05/14 18:00:08 44.243N 118.220W 15.1 23 km (14 mi) S of Unity, OR

map 1.9 2008/05/14 17:32:12 45.939N 122.903W 26.6 9 km ( 5 mi) NW of Columbia City, OR

map 2.0 2008/05/14 15:32:47 44.283N 122.371W 5.6 30 km (19 mi) ESE of Sweet Home, OR

Shoddy Construction Killed Chinese School Children

Just when I thought the news out of China couldn’t get worse. I read in Peace and Freedom ‘08 that 7,000 schools in the earthquake zone collapsed and 90% of the children in those buildings are dead.

Western experts say virtually no school in this region of China was built with modern earthquake reinforcement like concrete reinforcing beams. Many were merely brick structures that fell apart at the first sign of earthquake.

Did local officials know of the shoddy construction?

AIG’s Hank Greenberg Receives Wells Notice

See that low back in March of 2005? That’s the month that Hank Greenberg was ousted from his beloved AIG. After he was gone the stock rallied back to its old highs, but then came sub-primes and derivatives and look at the stock.

On Friday, Hank Greenberg received a Wells Notice. That means it’s pretty certain the SEC will bring charges.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Christopher Droney, who oversaw a trial that led to convictions of former AIG and General Re executives accused of helping AIG inflate reserves, said there was sufficient evidence to show a conspiracy started with a phone call from Greenberg.

Greenberg maintains he did nothing wrong and is eager to clear his name.

BusinessWeek‘s Diane Brady opines

With the SEC already so stretched, you have to wonder if this is a good use of its resources. Greenberg has been kicked out of AIG and publicly humiliated. Executives at the company he built seem hesitant to even mention his name. Now, more than three years after the alleged improprieties that ripped apart the company and its former chief (as well as several other executives), the SEC is here to wield its bat as well? Enough, already.

I don’t know, I’d suffer a little humiliation, too, if I had his money. Brady writes

Greenberg has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance lately. People seek out his views on everything from insurance trends to China’s leadership. They pine for the days when he was at the helm of the financial services giant, racking up double-digit earnings gains amid a steady ascent in the stock.

Take a look at the stock now. Anybody would pine for the good old days. But what’s wrong with making him spend a little of his money on his defense. Is there a statute of limitations on recompense for corruption?

Export Land Model For Oil

The same day I received my Kevin Kelly letter from First Call, I received a letter from Outstanding Investments with the headline

The Full-on Oil War of 2008: Bloody New “Backlash” Set to Rocket Oil Past $150…and Send Gas Soaring to Over $6 per Gallon.

Today T. Boone Pickens this morning had a sit down interview with Becky Quick of CNBC.

Now that his $125 target on oil has been hit, he’s making a new prediction on oil prices. He said oil prices are continuing to go up as 85 million barrels per day is as good as supply can get and 87 million barrels per day is the demand. He also said the president wasted his time going to Saudi Arabia asking for more oil.

Pickens just said he thinks oil could and will likely go to $150 per barrel this year, and that will translate to a deficit spending in the U.S. of $900 Billion rather than $600 Billion at $100 oil.

Anybody can make predictions and many like T. Boone Pickens have been right a lot lately. What really got me to thinking about the price of oil was the letter from John Mauldin in What the Export Land Model Means for Energy Prices. His friend David Galland at Casey Research has written about Export Land Model (ELM). The basic thesis expressed by Jeff Brown and other students

is that to fully appreciate the impact of peak oil, you cannot look only at the production declines so presciently anticipated by MK Hubbard in 1956. You also have to look at the rate of local consumption and the effect of that consumption on the ability of a country to export its oil.

Brown tells Galland that “Mexico provides about 14% of the oil the US imports. The US currently imports close to 70% of its oil needs, the Mexican oil is critical.

Jeffrey Brown is confident that Mexico will ship its last barrel of oil to the United States — or anywhere else, for that matter — about 6 years from now, in 2014.

“Mexico was consuming half of their production at peak in 2004. And if you look at the ’05, ’06, ’07 data, they’re basically on track, on average, to approach zero net oil exports no later than 2014,” he confirmed.

Of course, the US is completely unprepared to replace this source of oil, especially considering the growing stresses on global oil supplies causing by ballooning demand from emerging markets. That means the international competition for available supplies is only going to get more desperate in the months and years ahead.

If Brown is right, how does the U.S. replace the oil we are getting now from Mexico in six years.

Russia’s production has peaked and they export 6-7 million barrels of oil per day and Iran is near peak oil, saying nothing about the Saudis. That can mean a doubling in the price of oil and another doubling. We need an alternative energy fast, like Zero Point Energy.

Congress: Leave The Markets Alone!

Since we fill our oil tank each year with heating oil, we are on First Call’s mailing list. The last fill, BTW, was at least double the year before. The opening headline of the letter says

“‘The Mother of All Bubbles’? Oil’s Record Run Baffles Bears.” Thus read the headline of the commodities report of the April 21, 2008 Wall Street Journal. Count me among the bears!!!

Further Kevin Kelly, owner of First Call, writes

I have also joined with petroleum dealer associations in begging our congressional delegation to look into rampant speculation in oil and other commodities. We have asked that they consider raising margin borrowing requirements for playing that dangerous game. Unlike speculation in stocks and bonds, these price changes affect everyday consumers and businesses who must buy and sell these products every single day and pay the price dictated by the speculators.

While we wait for this market to return to some level of sanity, we should all continue to do what we must to keep our final costs down.

I am wondering if Mr Kelly wrote to his congressmen about the rampant speculation in dot.coms or if he has written about rampant speculation in housing, asking for federal intervention to calm prices?

Why are we so darn hasty about getting the government involved in the market?

Mr Kelly says rampant speculation in stocks and bonds doesn’t affect consumers. Tell that to the speculators that kited Enron and devastated PGE retirees or say that to the homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

Finally, he waits for this Oil market to return to sanity. Who in his arrogance knows what the real price of something is, without the market telling us? The FED’s problem has always been how much money should be in the economy and what interest rate should we charge. In their frantic guessing are born dot.com bubbles and housing bubbles.

I say, “Congress leave your hands off the markets and concentrate on encouraging new Domestic Oil supply and Oil refineries.”

Thank you Mr Kelly for your thoughtful letter.

Strange Market!

I continue saying it’s a strange market. DJIA is down because of fears about inflation worsening, Oil hits new high, USD down and CRB Index up, yet interest rates down; U.S. 10-Year Treasury at 3.78 -0.05%

Teaching To The Test

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Georgia’s school leaders are notifying parents that their children did not do very well in the latest evaluations.

According to the unofficial results, only 20 to 30 percent of Georgia’s sixth- and seventh-graders passed the state social studies exam. In math, about 40 percent of eighth-graders could be held back because they failed the test.

The state requires eighth-graders to pass the reading and math exams to move to high school.

Students who failed math exams — as well as those who might have failed reading — can retake the exam this summer. Schools will provide optional free classes to get them ready.

Teachers don’t want to teach to the test, but now many students are in danger of failing eighth grade without summer school that teaches to the test.

Officials blame harder tests:…students took harder tests to match the state’s tougher and more rigorous curriculum

Officials wonder if

…the new social studies standards were clear and if some of the detailed test questions caught students off guard.

If you don’t like the test results change the test:

Changes could be made to the test and to the material teachers teach, said Dana Tofig, spokesman for the state education department.

Teachers castigate No Child Left Behind. They believe they would be teaching to the test. But you can’t wring your hands over test results and have the students say the material was unfamiliar:

Parent Stephanie Kratofil said her daughter described the seventh-grade exams as some of the hardest tests she’s ever taken. The straight-A student told her mom the social studies exam included material never taught in class.

I have taken the Series 7 exam to be a stockbroker and passed the first time. We were taught what was likely to be on the test and took many practice exams and then went over the answers to the tests we just took. After the weeks spent on the test, we went on to learn about things we needed to know that weren’t on the test.

I have taken the insurance test to sell health insurance and annuities. The trainers spent hours teaching to the test and practicing taking it.

I have taken and passed the Oregon CDL in order to drive a school bus. If I needed to pass the test to drive why would my teachers teach me something that wasn’t on the test. I passed the CDL test.

If we want our students to have a certain level of knowledge to function in society, then we need to test whether they have met our standards. That means teachers must teach to the test like private industry. Otherwise we are just wasting our money that goes to the schools.

Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst

In this weeks show:

Chris Simcox At Depaul University in Chicago! The leftists! The Commie Kids! The character assassination! All this and more in this weeks edition…

I will be posting the entirety of the speech later today, please check back if you’d like to watch it uncut and uncensored!

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy.

If you’d like to join find out how right here. To sponsor a show send us an email here.

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