She’s spent two years in a Mexican prison — now they want 23 more

I’ve noted the move to Mexico by Americans in at least two articles: Ex-Pats In Mexico and Could You Pack Up And Move?. Called ex-pats, it appears our government, based on the story in Sunday’s “O” in The Oregonian, is not helping its citizens in Mexico. Margie Boule writes,

More than two years ago Rebecca and a Canadian woman named Brenda Martin were arrested by Mexican authorities and thrown in an overcrowded prison. They were charged with organized crime and money laundering.


The women had held low-level jobs in the employ of a Canadian man named Alyn Waage at the beginning of the decade, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Unbeknownst to both women, they claim, Waage was running one of the biggest Internet pyramid scams in history.


The Mexican government claimed Rebecca’s wages and the money she’d been given to pay Waage’s utilities were “illicit funds.”


Rebecca Roth and Brenda Martin were convicted and sentenced in April. But they weren’t given the same sentence.

From the moment Brenda Martin was arrested in 2006, Canadian politicians worked hard to help her. There was outcry from the public and the media.

Within two weeks of her conviction in April, Brenda Martin was in a Canadian prison. Days later, she was released.

That’s not how the American government reacted to Rebecca Roth’s predicament. Within days of her conviction, Rebecca filed an appeal. “I’m not guilty of these charges,” she said by phone last week, from a Mexican prison. “All I did was pay bills.”

Rebecca and her family are angry at the injustice. They’re angry that U.S. authorities have done so little. They’re upset that U.S. politicians have done “virtually nothing to help us,” says Barbara Roth.

I know life isn’t fair, but when illegal aliens come to this country, they have their babies and the babies become U.S. citizens with all the rights. We pay for illegals by giving them welfare, free medical care, education in our schools, we give them rental rights and we cry big tears when an illegal can’t get into college.

It’s time that politicians protect the rights of ex-pats by up holding the rule of law. WE are called the mightiest country to ever stride the planet. What good does it do us if we dont use our power to support The Rule of Law?

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