“Harnessing the untapped power of breast motion.”

One more reason to root for the Oregon State Beavers. Seems Adrienne So, writing at Slate, wondered if breast motion could be harnessed to generate electricity. Her research led her to

LaJean Lawson, a former professor of exercise science at Oregon State University, (who) has studied breast motion since 1985 and now works as a consultant for companies like Nike to develop better sports bra designs.

Lawson was enthusiastic about my idea but warned it would be tricky to pull off. You would need the right breast size and the right material, she explained, and the bra itself would have to be cleverly designed. “It’s just a matter of finding the sweet spot, between reducing motion to the point where it’s comfortable but still allowing enough motion to power your iPod,” she said.

Only since 1985! I have 41 years on her.


4 Responses to ““Harnessing the untapped power of breast motion.””

  1. Junior-high guys have been investigating the phenomenon for many years, yet have never touched upon the answer.

    “I was a Boy Scout until I was 14 – when I begame a Girl Scout” – Groucho Marx

  2. “Lawson was enthusiastic about my idea but warned it would be tricky to pull off.”

    It’s the part when you pull it off that gets you in trouble. Then there is barely a reason to charge the ipod, more important issues at hand.

  3. Some of us wouldn’t have enough motion to light the flame of a BIC lighter much less any other type of flame

    An ipod is probably out of the question.

    The “sweet spot”?

    Are we still talking about breasts?

  4. Perhaps this would be a more noble cause for such items….


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