How I Learned to Be A Better Trader

I have learned a lot from having MarketClub as an advertiser. I have a background as a stockbroker for almost 30 years and still trade. I have always considered myself as a position builder rather than a trader. I told myself I wasn’t very good a the short term stuff and so I focused on finding stocks I could hold for the major moves. I was successful.

I remember one time after I retired when I executed a long trade in a futures contract, thinking I could trade it short term. To me the moves were very volatile and I remembered the panic I felt when it moved against me. I just wanted the pain to be over and quickly exited the trade at the wrong time, confirming that I was no good in the short term.

Now MarketClub has some various videos available whose message is “You can trade ___________ in 90 seconds!” I think the message is stunning in its simplicity: Get on the right side and trade with the trend and be disciplined. Pick the topic that interests you and take a look:

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I learned to use monthly triangle charts of stocks to determine the trend and weekly to trade with the trend. Use weekly triangle charts of commodities to determine the trend and daily charts to trade ith the trend.

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