The Left Is Scared Of Sarah Palin

Bill Kristol writes Why the left is scared to death of McCain’s running mate. Gov. Sarah Palin is a conservative mother of five, a wife, an outdoors woman, a fisherman, a basketball player, a former beauty queen and a hottie.

The left is going to tell you over the next 66 days before the election that this woman is unqualified to be VP.

They will ridicule her and patronize her. They will distort her words and caricature her biography. They will appeal, sometimes explicitly, to anti-small town and anti-religious prejudice. All of this will be in the cause of trying to prevent the American people from arriving at their own judgment of Sarah Palin.

Maybe, one problem in this country is the elites are running it. They come from Harvard, they are policy wonks, they have been in Washington most of their lives as lobbyists or lawyers. However, they don’t seem to have common sense or moral principles on which to base decisions. They care more for compromise. They don’t recognize evil and they want to model our country on a failed Europe and all its tangling alliances.

Sarah Palin doesn’t fit that mold and will be expected by the elites to fail on policy questions with the press and in the debate with Sen. Biden. In fact, they will magnify any little gaffe, any little mistep.

Take her stand on abortion. How many women tested for Down Syndrome when pregnant will elect to have an abortion if the test turns out positive. 90%!

About 90 percent of pregnant women who are given a Down syndrome diagnosis have chosen to have an abortion.

That’s where your moral beliefs get a real test.

If you missed John McCains introduction of Sarah Palin,

6 Responses to “The Left Is Scared Of Sarah Palin”

  1. I was all set to hold my nose and vote McCain in November.

    I feel about 200% that an Obama presidency would spell doom for my guns. But about 70% that the same would happen with McCain.

    Sarah is a life NRA Member, hunter, fisherwoman Mom of 5 who did NOT abort a Downs child! I don’t think she’d LET McCain “f’ with our second ammendment rights!

    I don’t think the left has a clue what’s about to hit ’em!!!

  2. Their fear is in the air – so thick. The attacks against this hard working woman from left blogs all the way to liberal media like MSNBC show their fear.

    Imagine that – the party that was suppose to stand for change yet picked a 2-time looser for a VP shivers at the thought of the party that acted on what they preach.

    Expect some serious voter fraud by the “new” Democrat Party.

  3. What a season! Have you noticed Democrats have given up all interest in truth. It has become necessary to smear Sarah Palin no matter what. Reason: she is far more qualified than Barack Obama. See:

  4. Palin proves in deeds his love: being a proud mother of five children, and a son with Down syndrome, is a good sign. She is not a person with a long political experience, but I think that I could trust in this woman.

    Santiago, Granada (Spain)

  5. Sarah Palin is the change that is needed in Washington. Partisan politicians on both sides of the aisle better watch out!

  6. Whereas previously, a Down’s child could be born without the prior knowledge of the mother, going forward, a parent with a Down’s child will likely have made a conscious choice to have that child. As prenatal testing for trisomy 21 becomes ubiquitous, Down’s children (and eventually those with other genetic disorders) will increasingly become symbols of faith – a freak show meant to communicate the “family values” of their parents. The children will become public sacrifices made by their parents for their faith. They will be a symbol of religious reverence in the same way as the scarred backs of Catholics who flagellate themselves, or Buddhist monks who set themselves on fire, or Sunni Muslims who mutilate their girl’s genitals or Shiites who bloody their children’s heads with swords.

    Genuine moral virtues – such as integrity, honesty, and productivity are not useful as evidence of religious virtue. To the extent that their practical benefit is visible to everyone, they do not represent the special domain of religion. To demonstrate religious virtue, it is necessary to sacrifice authentic moral values in favor of “religious” values. The particular object of the sacrifice is not important – there is nothing particularly “biblical” about being prolife (the Christian bible just as easily supports the opposite position.) If Christian fundamentalists decided that cutting of one’s hand sufficed as proof of moral virtue, they would be wrong to do so, but not much more so than the numerous other ways that people find to be self-destructive.

    What is really vicious about fundamentalists in America is that the prey on the most vulnerable –poor pregnant young girls and women, those dying from painful terminal illnesses, the loved ones of brain-dead patients, — and children afflicted with terrible genetic illnesses. One can at least grasp the moral indifference with which a fundamentalist can force a single young mother to abandon her goals and dreams and condemn her and her child to poverty. But what can we say about a parent that chooses a life of suffering upon their child? If we are morally outraged by child rapists, how should we judge a parent who chooses a lifetime of suffering on their own child?

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