“The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History”

You know how you bookmark pages to come back to, later, to read? Well, I’m bookmarking the column by Robert J. Elisberg at The Huffington Post, titled The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History.

You know the elites have been telling us that with Bush’s approval ratings in the crapper, the Democrats will sweep to the presidency and Congress. Then with Barack, the first black man, he will wipe the floor with whomever the Republicans nominate. They also told you that Hillary would be nominated. Then the elites were amazed that Barack wasn’t up 12 to 15 points. They were saying, “Wait for the post-convention bounce. Right after the “big speech”, McCain nominates Palin and nobody is commenting on the speech.

Now we have Elisberg’s column. He writes

No doubt John McCain will get some women to vote for him who wouldn’t have otherwise, and even some independents. But he will also probably lose as many Republicans uncomfortable with a woman on the ticket – let alone a woman with so little experience as Sarah Palin. Not to mention that the choice will cause many undecided Democratic women to be aghast and push them back to following their Democratic beliefs. And further, it will lose all the independents who look at the GOP ticket and say “This is who I’m supposed to give my vote for the next four years to lead and protect America??” It may even appeal to right-wing evangelicals for her strong pro-life stance and get some to vote – but that position and others related to it are specifically what loses even more women voters. And men. Ultimately, the nomination will lose far, far more votes than it gains.

So let’s bookmark this column and my post and check back in 67 days. According to all the elites we were going to lose anyway. Maybe, Sarah Barracuda, will surprise.

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