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Obama: Man Of The People?

You know I’ve been hard on Sen. Barack Obama, and I hope you know I’ve been hard on Sen. John McCain, too. I just saw this YouTube about Obama (Hat Tip to Sense) and I had to share it with you:

He sure doesn’t seem scary, does he?

How I Learned to Be A Better Trader

I have learned a lot from having MarketClub as an advertiser. I have a background as a stockbroker for almost 30 years and still trade. I have always considered myself as a position builder rather than a trader. I told myself I wasn’t very good a the short term stuff and so I focused on finding stocks I could hold for the major moves. I was successful.

I remember one time after I retired when I executed a long trade in a futures contract, thinking I could trade it short term. To me the moves were very volatile and I remembered the panic I felt when it moved against me. I just wanted the pain to be over and quickly exited the trade at the wrong time, confirming that I was no good in the short term.

Now MarketClub has some various videos available whose message is “You can trade ___________ in 90 seconds!” I think the message is stunning in its simplicity: Get on the right side and trade with the trend and be disciplined. Pick the topic that interests you and take a look:

NEW Gold:

I learned to use monthly triangle charts of stocks to determine the trend and weekly to trade with the trend. Use weekly triangle charts of commodities to determine the trend and daily charts to trade ith the trend.

Gustav And Now TS Hanna!

Gustav’s maximum sustained winds are now back up to 70 mph from 45 over Haiti and the storm is still aimed at Louisiana. This time Louisiana is taking precautions!

Tropical storm Hanna has formed near Puerto Rico with winds of 40 mph. Early indications show Florida could be impacted.

Hurricane Gustav

Tropical storm Gustav is was right on the edge to becoming a Category 1 Hurricane. Sustained winds are were running at 73 mph; thet are now 50 mph, and but the storm has cleared Haiti, and will now enter the warm waters between Cuba and Jamaica, where it will regain strength. The current cone of possible computer routes for Gustav have it aimed at Louisiana and the oil rigs on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Maybe, the Bush administration and the local government in New Orleans can handle a Category 3 better this time.

McMahan’s Will Shut Down Operations

FURNITURE Today reports,

Former longtime Top 100 retailer McMahan’s will shut down operations after a going-out-of-business sale, one of the latest industry victims of the economic downturn, according to news reports.

The credit-oriented retailer, which has trimmed operations to 15 McMahan’s stores and two La-Z Boy Furniture Galleries in California and Oregon, cited an extended poor business climate for its demise. There was no word on whether the company will file for bankruptcy protection.

In Oregon McMahan’s has stores in Albany, Coos Bay, Klamath Falls, Medford and Roseburg.

Amazing New Crop Circle

New Crop Circle on August 25th, 2008

A new crop circle was discovered on August 25, 2008 in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Here are some of the photos from the circle. Please post your comments and opinions on what you think this crop circle might mean or represent.

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Tropical Storm Gustav

Tropical Storm Gustav is the new storm currently with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph that is expected to reach hurricane strength this time tomorrow.
Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog reports,

Gustav is likely to continue northwest across the southwestern peninsula of Haiti, and is being drawn this direction by a trough of low pressure currently exiting the U.S. East Coast. By Wednesday, the trough is expected to move eastward, leaving Gustav in a region of weak steering currents. The storm will slow down, and is then expected to turn westward, or even slightly south of west, as a ridge of high pressure builds in, forcing Gustav to move parallel to Cuba.

UPDATE: August 25th, Gustav’s max sustained winds are now 70 mph and is expected to become Hurricane Gustav Tuesday morning!

I Bought A Kindle and Saved $100!

On August 2nd I wrote about the surprising sales of Kindle. I didn’t know there would be a Kindle in my future so quickly. Today, I found out that if I open a Amazon Chase credit card and purchase a Kindle with it, I can get $100 off! I did and a Kindle is on the way to my house. Yippee!!! Just this year I have spent more than $83 on shipping and handling. That’s another bit I’ll save for the year. You might as well give in. You know you want one.

For Dissed Clinton Women

Both sides are quick with catchy, political ads that are entertaining and instantly hit YouTube.

Oregon Quakes

UPDATE:map 1.9 2008/08/25 01:25:42 45.028N 122.541W 14.9 10 km ( 6 mi) E of Scotts Mills, OR

map 1.1 2008/08/24 07:16:07 45.138N 120.927W 13.5 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR
map 1.5 2008/08/23 17:39:45 45.438N 123.854W 44.1 2 km ( 1 mi) SSW of Tillamook, OR
map 2.2 2008/08/23 05:37:56 43.235N 120.640W 16.5 61 km (38 mi) N of Paisley, OR
map 1.4 2008/08/22 19:12:03 44.075N 121.786W 0.0 30 km (19 mi) SW of Sisters, OR

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