Democrats Lose In The House!

I am offended by the filth that spews from this woman’s mouth, and the gall to say such things just before an important vote for a bailout plan that the Democrats tried to shove down our throats. It wasn’t our friend Franklin Raines, but the friend of Democrats and Obama who appropriated 100s of millions of dollars from Fannie Mae. It was the Democrats that wanted affordable housing for everyone, regardless of whether they were qualified or not, that used ACORN to badger banks into loaning money to couples that didn’t qualify for a mortgage. The nerve of them all trying to blame the Republicans for their improper oversight:

Michelle Malkin has the transcript of her speech and is equally offended.

America dodged a bullet. Shame on Bush, Paulson, and the Democrats for bringing this sludge to the table in opposition to what conservatives believe, in opposition to all who believe in the Constitution.
Shame on Obama for supporting this and kudos to McCain for working against it and Palin for being against it from the get-go.

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