Palin Speaks About “That” Wardrobe

One more reason Gov. Palin should be on the top of the ticket.  It was the RNC, according to Debbie Sdhlussel, that insisted on spending $150,0900 on clothes to make Palin and her family look more sophisticated and polished.

Like a lot of us who aren’t wealthy, the Wall Street Journal early on reported that Palin bought clothes for herself and her family at upscale second-hand stores. And she also bought fashionable shoes from youthful line “Naughty Monkey“, which–while designed for 20-somethings–were inexpensive but hip. Both of these choices are economics-based and were good omens for the kinds of spending choices she’d continue to make. But the McCain campaign took those away, deciding in an elitist way that the Palin clan needed to look “expensive” and “polished” instead of middle American

Here’s how Palin dealt with the controversy recently:

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