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Football Upsets 10/25

#16 South Florida 20, Louisville 24
#17 Pittsburgh 34, Rutgers 54 – late in the fourth quarter.
#18 Georgia Tech 17, Virginia 24
#22 Northwestern 19, Indiana 21

Who Is Vera Baker?

Some of the blogs have gotten excited about a potentially developing story. Call it the Vera Baker story. The story line goes like this: Brack Obama had an affair while married with a campaign worker named Vera Baker. When Michelle Obama found out she had Baker banished to the island of Martinique.

Some have said this was info dug up by the Clinton organization prior to Obama securing the nomination. It might have been used if it could have been verified in time. Some say Clinton will do anything to derail Obama’s election to preserve her chances in 2012. Some say those nasty Republicans are grasping at straws by circulating rumors. Apparently some major news organizations, like the LA Times are sitting on it waiting to spring it when it can generate the greatest revenue for the newspaper.

Kook for the name: Vera Baker

Obama Wants To Stop This Ad

On Friday four broadcast television stations in the key battleground stations have contacted us and said the Obama camp is denying a key allegation in one of our hard-hitting TV ads.

They even demanded that the stations stop running our TV ad.

Top Yielding Debt Free Stocks

If cash is king, it’s good to know where dividends are high and safe.

Top Yielding Debt Free Stocks

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Australia hit by freak storms and snowfall

Weather service Weatherzone said snow in October had been reported less than five times in the past 50 years.

The Video That Proves It All

When MarketClub announced their Q3 results, they got a TON of people asking for video proof. So Adam Hewison got into his digital den and proved their results for Crude Oil ($20,750 per contract if you were trading with the Trade Triangles).

Here’s the video proof:

The video that proves it all.

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John Embry Says We Are Getting Close

John Embry is a real straight shooter and his take on Gold is woth watching more than once.

Sprott Asset Management’s chief investment strategist, John Embry, went on Business News Network in Canada this morning and, interviewed by Amanda Lang, discussed, among other things, the suppression of the gold price on the New York Commodities Exchange. Embry speculated that long contract holders may call for delivery of enough December contracts as to prompt a claim of force majeure when the exchange cannot delivery enough real metal. The interview with Embry begins at the 11-minute mark and continues for about 6 1/2 minutes at the BNN Internet site here:


Palling Around With Bill Ayres

Zomblog has the goods: a review of Bill Ayres’ book “A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court” by Barack Obama, who he swears was just a guy who lived in the neighborhood.

Oregon Facing $2 Billion Shortfall?

On September 18th, Ridenbaugh Press warned that Washington may have a $3.2 Billion budgetary shortfall.

The shortfall now is expected to hit $3.2 billion. Put in context: The state budget overall is a little over ten times that, so Washington has lost a tenth of its revenue.

Next legislative session may be the most difficult in Olympia in close to a decade.

Oregon may have the sdame problem according to the Portland Business Journal in a piece titled State faces $2B shortfall:

Consensus estimates place the 2009-2011 biennium budget shortfall at $2 billion, or 13.3 percent less than the current budget. To put that in perspective, the shortfall that led to five special sessions in 2001 resulted from a $710 million shortfall.

Gov. Kulongoski has identified four priorities:

Education, from pre-school to graduate school;

Economic stimulus in the form of green and sustainable transportation systems;

Making Oregon a world leader in renewable energy and the use of electric cars; and

Health care, “especially for every Oregon child up to age 19.”

He may have some problems with renewable energy, especially ethanol. As far as economic stimulus, it wouldn’t hurt the economy to fix our infrastructure.

Sightseeing From The Yellowbus

Besides the job of getting children to school and back homesafely, seeing that the kids follow the safety rules while on the yellowbus and watching the traffic outside the bus, I do get to sightsee.

I am intrigued by the 76 station across from Wilson High on the corner of Sunset Blvd. The station has a sign that says “Excellent Wine Prices.” I am not sure if the wine is excellent or the wine is being sold at excellent prices. meaning low, I would gather. The whole thing is intriguing. I just have a mind warp thinking about buying excellent wine at the local Food Mart and gas station. I wonder what goes well with a corndog.

Luxe just hit my mailbox. The magazine bills itself as The Pacific Northwest Home Redefined. Luxe asked master sommeliers from across the country for their discerning picks. Here are a three of the seven featured, none of which comes from the Pacific Northwest. I wonder if they are available at the Hillsdale Food Mart?

2004 Baron De Ley “Finca Monasterio” Rioja $50 – “Luxe Review: Unending intensity and depth characterize this wine.”
2005 Louis Michel & Fils “Montmain Premier Cru” Chablis $37 – “Luxe Review: This chablis is refreshing and crisp with hints of lemon and apple.”
2006 Saint Clair Pioneer Block and Sawcut Pinot Noir $29 – “Luxe Review: This combination of berries and oak blend perfectly into the wine’s full body.”

It was raining this morning and I was about to make the final turn into Rieke Grade School, when I saw this child of seven or eight, in a yellow slicker, standing by a storm drain saying bon voyage to fall leaves beginning their journey to the sea. I could have stood there for hours if I were him at his age, watching a particular yellow leaf caught on the edge by its stem. Each pulse of water, a gentle little push. “Don’t be afraid. You are in for the ride of your life!”

This morning, the leaves were fresh from the rain. The reds and yellow were almost neon. I was asked today if I like driving the yellowbus. On days like today I do!

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